Kingdom Age: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Kingdom Age

Kingdom Age is one of the few MMORPG’s titles available for play on iOS devices. Not only do you have to fend off general tropes of fantasy monsters, you also have to form strong player alliances and build an amazing empire.

This mobile MMORPG handles itself well online, but can you handle the more intricate mechanics of its gameplay. What class is right for you? What benefits do get from certain buildings? Is there a way to find more ally ID’s? These top 10 tips/tricks/cheats should answer all of those questions and more.

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1. Pick The Character That’s Right for You

Kingdom Age Tips Tricks

Three different characters will be available to you as soon as you start playing. For players who prefer a brute who’s a beast with two-handed weapons, select the warrior. If you’re not a melee focused player who prefers to utilize magic, go ahead and pick the mage. If you’re looking for a character who excels at fighting fast, then you should choose the rogue.

2. Spend Your Skill Points on Hero Strength and Stamina

Kingdom Age iOS Tips

Four different skills exist:

1. Army Attack – Increase your attack to improve your chances when fighting rivals.
2. Army Defense – Increase your defense to better fend off rival attackers.
3. Stamina – Increase your max stamina to battle more rivals. (2 skill points = 1 stamina)
4. Hero Strength – Hero strength increases your damage against monsters. (2 skill points = 1 stamina)

You should really focus on using your skill points to build up your Hero Strength and Stamina. Spending points in both of these areas leads to upgrades for one without having to actually invest in the other. The Army Attack and Army Defense stats should get some attention too, but in order to have more luck against rival players and field monsters you’ll need to focus on the last two features the most.

3. Make Sure You Know What All The Basic Buildings Will Produce

Kingdom Age Tips made sure to explain the perks that you’ll get from the buildings you put in your kingdom:

– Farms will produce food for your kingdom, and food is necessary to your army. You need to build farms to produce food to feed your army. Each level one farm earns five food every hour. So if someone attack your farm, you must rebuild one.
– Silos will provide you with storage for your food. You can only store a limited amount of food at a time. Building silos allows you to store more. The more silos, the larger content. Each level one silo can hold 15 food. You can upgrade each of these to increase those numbers. And silos are the best buildings for you to earn coins. Because they cost 220 coins, earn you 330 coins in 24 hours, and earn you 660 coins once you upgrade them to level 2. Each subsequent upgrade causes them to earn you more and more coins, and you can own as many silos as you have space for, so if you have (as an example) four silos at level 3 each (a level 3 silo earns 1,155 coins in 24 hours), you can earn 4,620 coins per day just for collecting them on time. That kind of money can allow you to completely dominate the game very quickly.
– Building a Bazaar in our kingdom will earn some coin for our treasury. The bazaar can also help to collect coins. Coins can be used to buy items, purchase upgrades, recruit soldiers, and build your kingdom.
– Each cottage allows you to recruit five new military members, one cottage can make your kingdom +3 army.You can upgrade cottages to increase that number.

4. Spend More Money on Building Units

Kingdom Age Cheats also noted that it’s useful to players to spend their money on building units:

If you are losing every battle you get into, it is probably because you don’t have enough units. You can’t just go with the number of units that you end up buying just to complete missions. Buy as many units as absolutely possible. You get so many weapons while doing quests that they usually end up having enough, but make sure that the number of weapons and armor matches up with the number of units to maximize your strength. And if you need more allies, go to the allies tab and add the VIPs via invite as often as the game allows you to.

5. Build Up As Many Silos As You Can

The majority of your money production comes form your Silo production. Invest in constructing a good number of these around your kingdom. Upgrade theme as much as possible and your gold intake will increase to Godly levels.

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