Rage of Bahamut: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Rage of Bahamut

Rage of Bahamut features the addictive nature of card battling games and makes it even more addictive by making it playable on a mobile device. Dragons, vampires and warriors are just a few of the cards that you’ll take in to battle with you.

There’s a laundry list of cards to build and conquer quests with. Heading into battle, putting together a game-winning deck and evolving/enhancing your cards’ stats are just a few of the things you’ll need to do in Rage of Bahamut. Our collection of the top tips/tricks/cheats will aid you in your journey to become the best card battler in the game.

It’s time to reign over your foes as a human (or a God…or a Demon).

Rage of Bahamut – iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad – HD Gameplay TrailerRage of Bahamut by Mobage, Inc. Battle other players in a trading card game for the ages. Music Credit: Mizuki's Last Chance – Backlash FEATURES ★ Hundreds of stunning cards to collect, with more constantly being added ★ Fast & easy battles on the go with stunning and alluring characters ★ Daily updates to continue…2012-05-16T21:52:03Z

1. Know Which Play Style Suits You the Most

Rage of Bahamut Tips

When you start the game up, you’ll find yourself making a decision regarding which play style you’ll want to use. The Man class includes cards that revolve around warriors, magicians and thieves. The Man class cards are good for players who want a strong defense. The Gods class utilizes monsters, angels and fairies. This deck is perfect for players who want to play with a balanced deck that’s parts equal attack and defense. The Demons deck setup focuses on dragons, vampires and huge golems. Players who are looking for cards with high offensive power and attack upgrade skills need to select this deck.

2. Keep Your Stamina Stats High

Modojo.com knows it’s best for players to work on their Stamina stats for their deck:

In the early stages of the game, stamina is by far and away your most important stat. Without stamina, you can’t continue to battle in the quest mode, and so you can’t gain new cards and XP. If you prioritize investing points into stamina, you’ll be able to fighter for longer and gain new fighting options. Keep throwing points into stamina until you’re around level 50 (or have approximately 100 stamina, whichever comes first), then focus on defense. This will give you the most up-time, while also keeping you alive.

3. The Basics Behind Evolving and Enhancing Your Cards

Rage of Bahamut Tips Tricks

Evolving and enhancing the cards in your deck will lead to some awesome upgrades. When you evolve any of your cards, you do so by combining two cards with the same name. The resulting card that comes from this method leads to a card with an increase in Attack, Defense, Maturity and Rarity. Enhancing any of your cards means that card will have better stats as well. Evolve any of your weaker cards and try to enhance any of your stronger cards. That’s the simple way to go.

4. The Effects of Evolving and Enhancing

Rage of Bahamut Tips

Modojo.com provided an explanation of the benefits behind evolving and enhancing your cards:

– When players Evolve, the card being evolved will increase by a percentage of the evolution card. Most cards have 4 evolution stages, but some cards will have more. Each time a card is Evolved, its stats and abilities will increase, as well as the cards’ Rarity.
– More players Evolve a card, the higher its parameters will be.
– There are multiple ways to gain higher stats for a card. Here are some ways:
1. Evolution Max: can choose to Evolve a card to its maximum Evolution, and then Enhance it.
2. Dual Enhance: two sets of the same character card, and evolve it with various cards. Then when it is enhanced to its maximum potential, Evolve the two final cards to create an extra strong card.
3. Multi Enhance: Same as Dual Enhance, but this time building four maximum Enhanced cards, then Evolving them to create an ultimate card.

– Skilled cards can have their skills Enhanced by using extra cards. However, the probability of this happening is low. By using many and more rare cards at the same time, the probability will be higher.
– And also by using “Devil Reina” which can be acquired in special limited time events, players can increase the probability of skill enhancement.

5. Focus on Battling With A Focused Play Style Deck

After you have a handle on what class you selected from the beginning of the game, you should focus on composing a deck that uses that same attribute. For Man/God/Demon decks, use the appropriate attribute cards to enhance the abilities of your deck. Players that use a Demon focused deck should use cards that maximize the skills of their Demon cards.

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