Rage of Bahamut: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

6. Participate in Timed Events

Rage of Bahamut Cheats

This game is pretty popular amongst the multiplayer community thanks to its frequent timed events. Participating in these events will gain stronger cards and cards that can only be obtained through these events. The more events you take part in, the more rare cards you’ll add to your collection. Take some time out for these timed special activities.

7. Search Out for Referral Codes

Rage of Bahamut Tips

Collecting more special items and rarer cards can be made easier by redeeming referral codes. Your own referral code can be located by going to the “Invite A Friend” tab on “My Page.” Distribute your own code through social media or forms for the game and make sure you put in a few codes yourself. We scoured a few forums and picked up a few codes for you guys:

– QEX41376
– JVI13789
– YDA97176
– WKV87989
– VDK76880

To further understand the Referral Cody system, hit up this Wiki page for more details.

8. This Video Tutorial Will Push You Towards Getting Rupees, Holy Powder and Cure Water A Lot Easier

Make Rupies, Get Holy Powders/Cure Waters Easily in Rage of Bahamut – CURRENTAn update to my most popular video! Make HP, CW, and Rupies easily with 5 different methods.2012-11-04T20:46:20Z

The video you’ll watch above offers players some methods that will help produce more rupees, holy powders and cure water for your inventory.

9. Master All the Different Attribute Builds for Your Deck

Rage of Bahamut Tips

Four separate card deck builds can be constructed to your liking. The unofficial Blogspot of the game explained the four different builds your card deck can be constructed into:

Attacker Build – This build is great if you want to Battle more and beat the weaklings. Focusing all your attributes on ATK, then saving some of them for Stamina will give you more chances to battle. But make sure you have GOOD Cards. It’s useless to boost your ATK if you don’t have GOOD cards.

Treasure Hunter – This type is the same as the Attacker Build, but you need to have a bit more DEF. You need more DEF to defend your treasure; otherwise it’s useless to seize for treasure that eventually will get stolen from you. Make sure your Power Cards have the same amount of your DEF and then distribute the remaining points to your ATK.

Adventurer Build – This type will focus on your Stamina so you can complete more Quests. Some quests, specially on Boss battles, requires ATK so you need to boost your ATK a bit. This is a good build for your Dummy Account, which you won’t use very much in Battle. But you’ll be using it for looting other cards for your enhancements.

Hybrid Build – This is the best Build. Having balance stats with your Stamina, ATK and DEF will make you more versatile. Just put some points in your ATK and DEF with the same amount as your Power Cards then focus the rest on Stamina. You can also do it the other way by putting more points on ATK than your Stamina. This build is good if you want to Battle more than doing Quests.

10. Join The Order to Get Some Bonus Attributes

Modojo.com advises players to hook up with The Order and thrive with the benefits given to them:

– When joining an Order, your attack and defense points increase:
1. The Order is also known as the guild function.
2. Players can team up with other players
3. With breeding Orders bigger, players are able to create buildings that enhance the cards’ parameters in battle situations.
4. And also joining Orders have other benefits, such as the Order rewards in events.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Rage of Bahamut players, throw them in the comments section!

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