Sprinkle Islands: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Sprinkle Islands

Sprinkle Islands is one of the more intriguing puzzle games on mobile devices. Players have to put out plenty of fires on all types of remote islands. You and your tiny firetruck have to get around the obstacles and difficult pathways that block your path.

Getting your water over to those fires and putting down those huge bosses are tough to deal with. With our top 10 tips/tricks/cheats, you’ll have an easier time getting through each puzzle.

1. Hit The Right Angles on Your First Shot

Sprinkle Islands Tips Tricks

Aiming your water at a correct angle means aiming for a high angle during your first shot. Aim your hose high so you have a better chance at dousing whatever fires you see at higher elevations. You’ll have a much easier time putting out several fires with that initial blast of water, so it makes sense to go that route, Water falls just like it does in reality, so keep that in mind.

2. Let Gravity Be Your Best Friend

Sprinkle Islands Tips

Sometimes you’ll start to run low on that good ol’ H2O. At these points during your puzzle solving, aim for the highest fires (location wise). Gravity will hopefully aid you by letting the water run-off land on and put out those fires on any huts/buildings below.

3. Aim for High Scores by Doing the Least Work Possible

Sprinkle Islands Tips

For players who want to get the highest score possible, you can get those extra points by not using too much water. Sometimes, it’s better to use any of the objects hanging around the environment and use them to douse any fires. It seems tempting to just use any water you may have, but the road to higher scores means utilizing everything on a level to put out those fires.

4. Stay Tuned to What Red Buttons Do

Sprinkle Islands Tips

Red buttons are activated when any objects in the area passes over them. Pay attention to the stage layout and activate those switches in the right order every time. As for blue switches, you simply have to tap on them to get them to start working.

5. Wanna Know How to Beat Level 2? Here’s How

As a beginner tip for players who’re looking to beat level 2 the best way, here’ how:

– Pus the blue button to begin operating the wooden lift.
– Douse the fires that comes from the soda can that enter your screen.
– Proceed to make your way down the hill to those fire huts. Use your water to push the big box into the water. The water that hits that flaming box will fall onto the hut and put out two fires at once.

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