Worms 3: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Worms 3

Worms 3 continues the cartoon inspired, explosive worms action that the series has become regarded for. The sense of hilarity gamers get from flinging grenades and shooting missiles at worms is pretty darn exhilarating.

For this exclsuive iOS entry in the series, new weapons, outfits and the introduction of a car system changes up the gameplay but retains the fun. Knowing how to properly maneuver around the map and set up some those enemy worms to failure is always awesome.

These top 10 tips/tricks/cheats will make your time with your squad of worms even more awesome.

1. Sometimes It’s Best to Sacrifice a Few of Your Own Worms

Worms 3 Tips

When you’re on the army battlefield, there will be friendly fire and plenty of collateral damage. Sacrificing your own worms for the greater good is something you’ll probably have to do from time to time. Blowing up an enemy worm that just happens to be near one of your worms may…wait scratch that, WILL happen during your missions. Prepare to blow up your own soldiers in order to destroy those opposing soldiers.

2. Your Scientists Need to Be Alive

But the one class of worms you should never leave unprotected are your scientists. Scientist worms have the ability to cure the other worms in your squad, so it’s essential to your progress to keep your scientists alive.

3. Use Your Turns to Move Over to a Safer Attack Location

Worms 3 Tips

When it’s your turn to go into attack mode, make sure you use it to move over to a safe attack location. This means you should avoid any harmful obstacles that may disrupt your turn and plan of attack. It’s best to pick up ninja ropes or jetpacks, since they’ll keep you from getting hurt. These items keep you safe by moving you to a good spot for your firing position. Moving over to a safe offensive point can also lead to picking up a good defensive point.

4. Be Careful About Numbers Marked with Red Numbers Attached to Them

Modojo.com noted that players should use caution when using weapons with red numbers placed on them:

Be very careful when using any weapons that have a red number embossed over the icon. This information tells you how many seconds will pass from using the weapon to the projectile exploding. Make sure you take this information into account when setting up your shot.

5. Get to Know Those Worm Classes

Worms 3 Tips

Modojo.com also stated that players should take heed of all the new classes attached to your worms:

One of the biggest changes made to the Worms formula in Worms 3 is the class system. Soldiers do decent damage and move at an average speed around the screen – a great all-rounder. Scouts do less damage but are smaller and more nimble. Scientists make for a great support team member, but if you’re all about doing damage, make use of your slow but powerful Heavy class.

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