Arcade Ball: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Arcade Ball iOS

For anyone’s who’s found themselves in the arcade, you’ve played at least one of those cool ball games with the point goal targets. Everyone can’t hit up the arcade and enjoy these games 24/7, but the new iOS/Android game Arcade Ball brings that addictive game to mobile devices.

Arcade Ball looks like a deceptively simple game from first glance, but its actually deeper than you think. If you want to get a little bit more knowledgeable about the deeper parts of this game, then use our tips/tricks/cheats guide.

By the time you finish reading our guide, you’ll have a (digital) pocket of tickets that’s ready for prize consumption!

1. Tilt Your Device to Land Your Ball Where You Want It to Go

Arcade Ball iOS

There will be instances where your shot won’t go in as planned. The motion controls for this game come in handy during instances such as this. Gently tilt your smartphone/tablet in the direction you’re trying to land the target in. You’ll get a slight spin on your ball when you tilt your device, which could land you the shot you’ve been trying to land.

2. What Powerup’s are There?

Arcade Ball Tips

There’s three powerup’s in the game that could mean the difference between a great win or a disappointing loss: Check out all the powerup’s below:

– Redo: Allows you to re-take your final shot during a slow-mo opportunity.
– Double Points: Doubles the score of your next shot.
– Ulti-Ball: Throws three balls onto the play area during your next shot.

3. Aim for the 50 Point Shots

When you’re engaging in multiplayer, you should always aim for winning by trying to ace those 50 point score goals. It’s a lot easier to get your ball to land in those goals once you get your tilt/spin right. Hitting and nailing those 50 point score goals adds up. Don’t try so hard to get those 100 point score goals. Using the Ulti-Ball and Double Points powerup’s during these scoring opportunities will laid you greatly.

4. Avoid Trying to Land Those Golden Ticket Shots let beginning players know that it’s not too wise to aim for those golden ticket shots:

Until you’re absolutely sure you’ve mastered the 100 point scores, resist the urge to try for those golden ticket shots. In the early days, you’re more likely to miss the shot – meaning you miss out on tickets and a decent score.

5. Attempt Those Golden Ticket Shots for Smaller Point Goals, Though also posted up some advice regarding the golden ticket shots for smaller point goals:

If, on the other hand, the golden shot is located in the 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 point holes, then it’s always worth attempting the shot. In order to reach these holes, make a very direct swipe down the ramp and directly through these scoring holes. How fast you swipe determines which one you’ll arrive at, but remember to add a little spin if necessary.

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