Batman: Arkham Origins (Mobile): Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Batman Arkham Origins Tips

The Dark Knight is back again in the real of video games. Not only has Batman made his way onto home consoles and portable devices, he’s also flown onto the wide world of mobile gaming. Batman: Arkham Origins’ mobile entry is a touch screen enabled beat ’em up that pits Batman against the assassin’s on his trail.

For followers of DC Comics’ darkest hero and mobile gamers who can’t get enough of Gotham City’s savior, this game should quench your thirst. We delved into Gotham’s darkest night and came away with some important tips/tricks/cheats for you all.

You should keep this tips real close to your utility belt. Trust us when we tell you – you’re gonna need ’em…

1. The Basics of The Assault and Guarded Fighting Stances

Batman Arkham Origins Mobile Cheats

Once Batman heads into battle with any one of the assassin’s, he’ll have the option to fend off attackers and defend himself with two different stances. The Assault stance is the more powerful stances of the two, since it allows Batman to employ more powerful moves on his enemies. As for the Guarded stance, Batman’s defenses increase and also grant him the ability to heal as time goes on. Masterful players will know the best ways to use both fighting stances to their fullest potential.

2. So Which Costume Should I Use The Most?

All of the various outfits Batman can change into offer their own statistics for the Damage, Speed, Block and Damage Reduction levels. Over time, you’ll gain other Batsuits that comic book fans will surely recognize. One suit you should make sure that’s in your inventory is the Red Son costume. When Batman dons this suit, he’ll gain a dramatic increase in the Damage category. All you have to do to unlock it is by registering your version of the game with a WB Games account. You also have to connect the game to the console version. And don’t worry – you won’t have to pay a dime to obtain it.

3. Which Upgrades Should I Aim For?

Arkham Origins Mobile Tips

There’s a good amount of upgrades that Batman has access to in this mobile beat ’em up. provided some important info on all the great upgrades you should focus on getting:

When it comes to improving your general fighting tactics, you’ve got three general areas to work with. Skills provides you with a number of new tools, as well as improvements to your current combos. Assault Stance gives you access to new attack styles and other utilities, while Guarded Stance introduces new defensive maneuvers, which you’ll use when it comes to stronger enemies in the game – the top-level assassins like Deathstroke and Bane.

When it comes to choosing what to upgrade first, the best way to start is by pushing your assault tactics. Work on improving your Fisticuffs fighting style first, as the stronger you get, the quicker you’ll be able to take down opponents.

From there, open up new abilities that will give you an advantage in a fight. These include the Shock Gauntlets which deliver an electrical charge for extra damage to your foes, as well as a combat boost, providing a temporary strength increase. These can make all the difference, especially when fighting tougher enemies. Otherwise, you’ll get the wind knocked out of you in later missions and daily challenges.

4. The Basics of Blocking

Batman has two different ways to block incoming attacks during those boss battles. You can either hold two of your fingers down or hold down the large shield icon that’s present on the screen. The better option to blocking is by pressing down on the shield icon, since its readily available and it registers a lot more than the first option. Blocking saves your Bat-hide in several situations, so make sure you use it efficiently. Make sure you place the block icon in an easier place to access it if you’re having trouble accessing it on the right side. As soon as a battle begins, enter into the Guarded stance immediately. Starting on the defensive side is the best case scenario for those massive boss battles.

5. What Special Moves Should I Employ More?

Batman has access to a great array of special moves that can guarantee your victories. You should focus on using the Batswarm special moves to make your enemy drop its defenses. When you’re facing off with larger, more powerful enemies, you should make good use of the Martial Law move. Moves that add a nice positive boost to Batman’s stats are great as well. Make good use of the Steadfast Strike and the Escalating Justice special moves if you’re looking to increase Batman’s stats. A good combo is the use of the Batswarm and Martial Law moves.

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Very helpful to those who’ve never played a Batman game. Thanks 😊

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