Candy Blast Mania: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Candy Blast Mania

Candy Blast Mania takes two different aspects of mobile games and combines them for another winning formula – Match Three puzzle gameplay and plenty of sweet candy treats. If you think this new mobile puzzler looks similiar to another popular game of its kind, then your thoughts are well warranted.

This Match Three puzzler is just as fun and hard-to-put-down as Candy Crush Saga. This game differs from the rest of the pack by hosting bosses (BEWARE THE GUMMY BEAR KING!) and game winning gems.

Make sure you use this tips/tricks/cheats guide so you become a puzzle master in Candy Blast Mania.

1. Know Your Power Up’s and Boosters

This puzzler makes sure to offer players power up’s and boosters if things get a little rough. These special candy abilities help clear your stages much faster. The Candy Wand comes in handy when you’re looking to clear out single pieces of candy. As for the Sugar Blast, this power ups helps take out entire rows of candies. The Sugar Blast also does some heavy damage to those annoying jawbreakers. The boosters can be obtained by completing specific objectives, clearing puzzles or buying them with real money. Nab yourself a Candy Scoop, then wait ’till your free refill fully recharges. Note – these powerup’s and boosters can be used once or twice per stage.

2. Just Match Up The Candies Required to Beat a Boss

Candy Blast Mania Tips

During boss encounters, you’ll notice that your task includes clearing a set number of specific candies. During these encounters, plan all your moves around the candies you have to clear. The Gummy Bear King will run into you more than once. Taking him on usually entails making key candy matches and making sure you’re stage isn’t packed with jawbreakers. Your combo matching needs to be focused on clearing the required candies that are displayed on the top left of the stage.

3. Keep An Eye Out for “Sweet Spots” listed some viable tips on the game’s three “Sweet Spots”:

The first doubles the point value for the wanted candy on each level. If you activate this with a nearby match of three or more – no matter what you match – you’ll see the value increase for a single turn on these candies. Match up as many as you can in one shot.

The second eliminates all similarly-colored candies from a play field, depending on the match-three you’re lining up. If you eliminate a row of orange ones, all the remaining orange candies will disappear from the stage until they start piling in again with those that drop. You’ll get these with match-four or more.

Finally, you have the row eliminators, which glow in a wild green color. Once you activate a three-or-more match on these, the vertical and horizontal rows vanish, and you’ll get credit for all the candies you clear as a result. Earn these with a match-five or more.

4. Combine All Three of These “Sweet Spot” Maneuvers

Candy Blast Mania Tips also mentioned that all those aforementioned “Sweet Spot” moves can be used in conjunction with each other:

You can actually combine all three of these together in a successful run. Doing so will take out multiple candies at once, leading to more collection and getting you closer to the goal. Start from the bottom if you can, as more candy that drops has a better chance of lining up for elimination.

5. Get Yourself Some Free Gems

Don’t forget to sign in to Facebook when the game asks you to. You’ll be happy to know that you’ll be awarded with 40 extra gems for your troubles.

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Ok level 136 is impossible .. I have to beat this thing on top and it’s not gonna happen when you get pink with a 2 , a pink with a 2 and a regular pink and he moves the 100 down to 99 ????
I hit 4 yellow and it didn’t move it at all???? Like huh? This level is ridiculous! It doesn’t move hardly at all amd you only given 28 moves not possible ! I guess I’m
Don’t 😡


I have been playing level 65 for over a week, please tell me how to pass it

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