Dead Trigger 2: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Dead Trigger 2 Tips

Dead Trigger 2 is just the type of game you need to play on those darker holidays (Halloween, for instance). In this mobile first-person shooter, it’s your mission to rid the world of those zombie hordes with a large arsenal of weapons.

Mobile game players will get hooked (hopefully not by the zombies…) by this game’s fast-paced shooting, gory/bloody nature and top-notch graphics. After taking a spin through a few cities overrun by the undead, we came away with a viable list of tips/tricks/cheats for Dead Trigger 2.

Use these top 10 tips/tricks/cheats and you’ll survive the zombie apocalypse.

Dead Trigger 2 Demo Courtesy of Madfinger GamesDead Trigger 2 Demo Courtesy of Madfinger Games. This is video of an alpha build, so this is a glimpse, but nothing included is finalized.2013-04-03T19:42:05.000Z

1. Take Advantage of the Hidden Tapjoy Offer Wall

You’re gonna want to make as many free gold coins as you can to support your zombie killing habits. To do this go ahead and accept the “Register for Tapjoy” offer. After registering, a new pop up offer wall will come up on the screen. Make sure you take advantage of all the free apps that come up on that 2nd, hidden wall. Download all the apps, start them, end them then go ahead and reload Dead Trigger 2. Once you finish checking out all those free offers you downloaded, you’ll get some gold to keep you happy.

2. Headshots Are Your Best Bet

Dead Trigger 2 Tips

If you’re looking to gain even more gold coins, head out into the game world and lay down some zombies with constant headshots. Pulling off a bunch of successful headshots will fill your pockets a lot more if your aim is pretty solid. Two other ways to make money will involve you interacting with the environment and raising the difficulty level.

3. Take Down The Minibosses To Earn Some Blueprints

Dead Trigger 2 Tips Tricks advised players to take down those minibosses if you want some extra blueprints:

Minibosses are the only zombies in the game who will drop blueprint pieces, but on defend stages, you can simply evade them until time runs out, and on other stages, you can run away from them and accomplish whatever objective you need to in order to win (except for the assault stages). Don’t do that. Kill them all, and even stick around the zombie spawn points for awhile to draw out even more of them, so that they can drop more blueprints.

4. Keep A Good Amount of Painkillers on Hand for Those Harder Levels

Dead Trigger 2 Tips also listed a few tips for players who want to survive those tougher stages:

Painkillers can often mean the entire difference between winning and losing. Not only does each painkiller restore a portion of your health, but they also stop time for one or two seconds at a time. Plus, if you take painkillers even before you take any damage, your health will be restored no matter what it’s at, so it’s theoretically possible to take so many painkillers that your health raises to over 1,000.

5. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for The Glowing Red Skull Icon

As you play, you’ll spot a glowing red skull icon pop up from time to time. As soon as you lay eyes on it, take off in the opposite direction of that frightening icon. That icon is a notifier for a nearby zombie that’s prepping to attack you. Taking off in another direction will keep you (somewhat) safe and place you in a less packed location. Your life will be all the better if you pay attention to that red skull icon.

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