GTA 5: 41 Amazing, Tiny Details and Things [VIDEO]

Check out this awesome video put out by IGN detailing all the tiny little things in GTA 5 that take it from an amazing video game, to a world that seems actually real.

Details include:

1. Sound effects can sound muffled depending on their origin.
2. At night, the beach will be detailed with campfires and high revelers.
3. There are groundskeepers making sure that the golf course is well kept during the afternoon.
4. When you talk into a mic online, your character’s mouth moves.
5. When you get out of your car, your engine cools down with a “tink tink tink” noise like in real life.
6. If you make a phone call to a character after just calling them, they mention just having spoke to you and are pissed off.
7. If you spend a lot of money customizing your car, random characters in the game will compliment you.
8. Michael’s wife, Amanda, can be found on the game’s fake dating website “hushmush.”
9. The in-game Prius clone is silent until the engine kicks in like a real prius.
10. If you pull up to a sports car at a red light in a sports car, and you rev your engine, they will pull out in front of you as if you’re racing.

See 31 more awesome tiny details in the video.’s Popular Social Posts
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