Michael Bay Wants to Get Into Video Games? ‘Transformers 4′ Director Drops Hint

Michael Bay Video Games

Director Michael Bay is well known for his usage of massive explosions and special effects wizardry in his films. He’s the director behind the upcoming sequel to those transforming robots and their civil war on Earth — Transformers 4: Age of Extinction.

During an interview with the South China Morning Post, Bay offered some interesting tidbits on the production of the upcoming film (which is hitting theaters on June 27, 2014). One of the more noteworthy comments that was lifted from Bay’s interview revolved around his interest in getting into video games.

Check out Bay’s interest in wanting to develop some “lavish” video games of his own:

Asked if he might follow the footsteps of his friend Nicholas Cage who earlier said he might want to make Hong Kong his second home, Bay thought it might be an interesting idea. “I want to do some business in China and this part of the world,” said Bay, but that might not be a movie yet. He said he got a call from Dalian Wanda group, which acquired the US cinema operator AMC Theaters last year, but he was out of town. “Maybe designing a car,” said Bay, adding that he might want to develop lavish online video games.

Bay creating explosive video games that are pretty much playable versions of his blockbuster films sounds pretty cool. Would any of you guys dole out some cash for a video game created by “Mr. Blow ‘Em Up & Film It?” WE WOULD!

For fans who want to get a sneak peek at the ongoing development of the 4th Transformers film, check out the preview vids posted above. And for a good look at all the sweet rides that will appear in the film, check out the photo gallery HERE.