Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Modern Combat 4 Tips

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is the newest and most explosive entry in the long-running mobile FPS shooter series. Anybody’s that’s gotten a kick out of any of those Call of Duty games should immediately be familiar with what’s going down in this game.

Running through this insanely fast paced FPS is packed with some awesome single-player and multiplayer gameplay. There’s a lot of instances where you’ll be able to upgrade your soldier’s stats and make your way even farther in the game.

Use these top 10 tips/tricks/cheats to figure out the best ways to make your way through the latest Modern Combat 4.

1. Relocate the Grenade Button ASAP

You might accidentally touch the grenade button in the middle of some heated combat. As soon as you turn on the game, relocate the grenade button to a more manageable spot. You’ll have less headaches in the future. Trust us.

2. Keep on the Aim Assist

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour Tips Tricks

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Don’t turn of the game’s Aim Assist. The Aim Assist keeps your gun on any enemy that’s nearest to you. Keeping your solider alive and pulling off some cool headshots becomes way more common when the Aim Assist is on. Always try to aim down the sight too, since firing from the hip isn’t really a viable targeting option. Attacking the best way means targeting an enemy by aiming down the sites, taking out a baddie, going back to your normal FPS view and then repeat.

3. Make Sure You Cops Some Single-Player Items

The single-player campaign is packed with a good amount of items, perks and bonuses that will make your playtime a lot more fruitful. If you’re going to spend Blue Credits, make sure you spend them on body armor, automatic turrets, faster reloading and the red dot sight add-on. These upgrades take precedence over everything else.

4. What Casualty Rifle’s Are the Best?

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour Tips

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Well, thanks for asking. The assault rifles you should have in your arsenal are all listed below:


5. Cop All of the Multiplayer Loadouts

Any expert multiplayer gamer worth their salt knows that it takes a varied amount of weapons and tools to prevail. You might feel that your one and only trusted loadout can get the job done, but you’ll become more experienced by having more than one loadout. You can end up having a total of 6 loadouts, which includes the one you start out with. Each loadout and how much it costs can be seen in the list below:

– 1st Loadout: 10,000 Gold Credits
– 3rd Loadout: 20,000 Gold Credits
– 4th Loadout: 40,000 Gold Credits
– 5th Loadout: 80,000 Gold Credits
– 6th Loadout: 160,000 Gold Credits

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