WATCH: Hank Hill as Ash Ketchum in Pokemon/King of the Hill Mash-Up

Poké-King-of-the-Mon-Hill // El-CidBWWWUUUUTTTERFREEEE!! Buy the shirt! ► Subscribe for more El-Cid! ► Pokemon is a video game about collecting monsters developed by Nintendo and Game Freak It is also called ポケモン, Покемон, ポケットモンスター, 포켓몬,पोकेमोन, and بوكيمون King of the Hill is an animated series about living in Texas produced by 20th Century Fox and Mike Judge It is also known as El rey de la colina, Les Rois du Texas, キング・オブ・ザ・ヒル, Царь горы, and O Rei do Pedaço Additional artwork & gag ideas Hans Van Harken Battletheme by Oney El-Cid on Facebook: El-Cid on Twitter: Support El-Cid on Patreon! Watch other original shorts: Pikachu Gets JACKED Bambee Quality Time 2 (Egoraptor, Hans, JHoofnail) Bonk! (Team Fortress 2)

Animator and YouTuber El Cid has released this funny and brilliant well-done mashup of Pokemon and King of the Hill.

His most famous work is the comedic brilliance known as “Batman Eats a Hotdog,” which is far more subtle than this cartoon, but well worth your time.

Also, we’d be remiss not to mention its spinoff, “Hotdog Eats a Batman.”’s Popular Social Posts
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