Reign of Dragons: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Reign of Dragons Tips

Reign of Dragons follows in the vein of other notable mobile card-battling games. Everything you love about these types of games (card battles against real players, enhancing cards to birth stronger ones, collecting rare and epic cards etc.) is a part of this game as well.

Becoming a formidable player in this world ruled by dragons and other mystical beats can be achieved. We’re going to throw you a few tips/tricks/cheats that will push you and card deck farther along. After reading through this guide, you’ll have everything you need to prosper in Reign of Dragons.

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1. So Which Type of Card Categories Are There?

Reign of Dragons

Before you even get into the card collecting aspects behind the game, make sure you know about the three separate card classes that you can build a deck from. listed some details on the card categories offered to players:

– Chaos: Chaos cards include dragons, sorcerers and other villains that spread destructive mayhem worldwide.
– Justice: Justice cards include monks, warriors and other holy fighters that govern over order in the world.
– Genesis: Genesis cards include gods, warriors and other fighters that wield the power of creation in their skills.

2. Having the Same Cards with the Same Attributes is a Viable Method

If your ever happen to any cards that have the same attributes, great upgrades will come your way. Whenever you’re facing off against some live players, the cards you have with the same attributes can enter Battle Formations. These formations can buff your decks attack and defense. Any three cards you have that have the same Attack Type will get a small boost to their Attack/Defense power. If you have five cards that apply to the aforementioned situation, then those cards will get a huge boost to their Attack/Defense.

3. The Best Way to Enhance/Evolve Cards

Reign of Dragons Tips

Using your Dorries during the card enhancement and evolution process works, but it takes a bit longer to get your card to the best level. It pays off to use as many cards as possible towards the evolution process of your preferred card. Make sure you enhance your cards during the evolution process so you end up with an even more powerful card. Note- enhance your cards at the end of the evolution process cause that will produce a better card.

4. Search Out for Dragon Treasures

The Dragon Treasures appear during every 2-3 quest chapter. These treasures apply to different series that all come in a certain set. Whenever you complete a Dragon Treasure set, the next set will become available from that point on. Make sure you collect those treasures since they’re the best way to collect all those rare cards. If you happen to receive the same set of Dragon treasures, you’ll get the same rare card you collected before. That method works pretty well, since collecting the same rare cards for evolution/enhancement purposes will make your deck unstoppable.

5. Hook Up With a Guild ASAP

Reign of Dragons Tips Tricks

If you have the time and energy, go ahead and create your own guild. Or if you’re looking to play alongside some stronger players, just go ahead and join a guild. Your cards stats will get a nice stat boost. If you happen to do away with your guild or leave teh guild you joined, those stats are gone. It’s possible to get those stat boosts back once you create another guild or join another one.

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