Reign of Dragons: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Save Your Stamina and Attack Potions

During the beginning of the game, you’ll probably collect a good amount of stamina/attack potions. It’s in your best interest to save those potions for emergency situations since you won’t have many chances to come across them. These potions are rare, but there’s the option of buying them with real money. If not, just save your potions.

7. There’s Actually a Way to Cop Free Gems? Uh Huh!

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The video you can watch above gives players some advice on how to produce some gems, free of cost.

8. Get Your Attack Skill Up When You’re at the Appropriate Skill Level to Attack Other Players

Reign of Dragons Tips

The Wikia page for the game posted some advice for players who feel they’re equipped to start attacking other players. Keep in mind that your attack skill should be at an appropriate level:

Later on in the game (say around lvl 30-40) you might find that you want to attack players more and more often for Dorri and dragon treasures. When that happens your goal is going to be to get your Attack Skill up to 1.5-2.0 x Deck cost (you can see your attack deck cost by going to the main page and tapping “Attack Deck” under your card pictures. At the top right of the Deck Detail screen it will say “Total Cost ##/##”. The reason why this is your goal is because it costs you Half of your “deck cost” worth of ATK to fight another player. If you have 1.5 x deck cost worth of ATK, then you can fight 2 people in a row without taking a penalty to your decks power (or 3 people in row if ATK = 2x deck cost).

You will want to fight other players for battle points and of course to steal their Dragon Treasures. If you followed my initial advice you should have plenty of stamina to hunt the first 2 Dragon Treasure sets which only cost 1-3 stamina per monster kill. For the later Dragon Treasure sets it is sometimes easier to steal the pieces from other players than to quest for them.

9. Leave Quests Right When You’re Close to Leveling Up

Reign of Dragons Tips

The Wikia page for the game also noted that players should leave a quest when they’re on the cusp of leveling up:

If you are questing and see that you are very close to leveling up, LEAVE THE QUEST, you will not lose out on any treasure or quest progress. Once out of the quest, Battle one or two players to try and steal their dragon treasures. After fighting, go back to questing and when you level up your stamina and ATK bar will refill (then go fight some more folks!)

10. Take Advantage of Those Friend Referral Codes

One of the other ways you can excel at this game is by entering friend referral codes. By using those codes, you’ll gain some important starter cards and some dough. We took a gander at a few forums for the game (which is something you should do, too) and came upon several codes that could come in handy for beginner players:

– 9SNQQ25

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Reign of Dragons players, throw them in the comments section!