War of Nations: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

War of Nations

War of Nations pits PC and mobile game players in a battle of who can develop the best and most efficient military nation. This strategy/MMO release is ripe with everything related to raising a strong military fort – base building, massive battles, leveling up armies etc.

Knowing how to make the best of your nation can be a tough task to handle. Keeping your base strong while also having the skills to take over other people’s bases will keep you at the top of the leaderboards. Out top 10 tips/tricks/cheats guide will guarantee you the success needed to be the best at War of Nations.

Take our advice and rule the nation (s).

1. Check Those Player Stats Before You Start Your Attack

War of Nations Tips

When you feel that your army is ready to take over another player’s home base, take heed of a few things. Check their player level and keep an eye on their alliance level. Players that are backed by a strong alliance are probably not the type of battles that you want to instigate. Unprovoked attacks on your behalf may lead to you taking on a super alliance and having to fend them off by yourself. Taking on players with lower levels also leads to players not getting the full suite of abilities and perks. Take on someone your own size…seriously. Start out taking on enemies in your level class and work your way up to some stronger ones.

2. Know Your Cores

War of Nations Cheats

Keeping your nation running at a top level means placing a few cores around it. Base power cores, base plasma cores and base fusion cores help keep your energy input/output moving for your base. Keep a lot of cores around your base so you can open up a lot more outposts. Each aforementioned base comes to your as you level up. Stronger cores makes your base a lot stronger and ready to handle your nation building tasks.

3. Keep Close to Your Alliances

F.ANT.ASIA posted up some tips on knowing how to approach alliances:

If you start an alliance in a matured world, and you do not spend thousands, you might be fighting an uphill battle because the world is probably dominated by the top alliances and your alliance will be denied of the good resources and level 34 renegade outposts.

Besides the resources, winning in the events is very important for the team because of the rewards. Gree has introduced some even unfair rewards such as permanent boosts, which will mean the strong will become even stronger. Also, the kick ass commanders can only be won from the events unless the entire team is going to spend a thousand each to try getting the L60 commanders.

Instead of leading your team to nowhere and fighting senseless wars with no light at the end of the tunnel, it is time to re-consider the future and how to proceed. Sometimes for the benefit of the team, it is better to merge with another alliances, example, if you see a top team just set up a new branch and recruiting, it might be a wise choice to negotiate with them to merge into them. This may mean the surrendering of leadership by you, but if you do not do it, members will eventually be disheartened after months of fruitless battles and leave the alliance or the game entirely, so it is still a lose situation for you.

4. Take Advantage of Your 12-Hour Immunity

Whenever you get the chance to use your 12-hour immunity, use it well. Rebuild any outposts that may have been destroyed during an attack and build up some new ones, too. This chill out period is good for building and making sure you’re prepared for an impending attack. Plan your immunity around putting your troops at an advantage for an attack from someone who’s been itching to take you down.

5. Move Your Way to the Middle of the Map

War of Nations Tips

Modojo.com noted how beneficial it is to work your way to the center of the game map:

Work your way to the center of the map. This is the strongest place to collect resources, even if it means more enemies will attack from all sides. If you need to abandon a small outpost to take control of something closer to the center, do it. You can reuse a core to build another base, even if you lose some resources in the process.

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how does one have 100m resources, at lv 13,, that’s nonsense bs lol


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