CSR Classics: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

CSR Classics Tips

There’s a great collection of classic car collectors out there. Some folks would rather ride in some of those awesome automobiles from yesteryear, which brings us to this sweet mobile racer. CSR Classics takes drag racing and throws in a bunch of classic American, British, German etc. rides.

Getting through those drag races and picking up the sweetest cars you’ve ever laid eyes on makes up the primary backbone of this mobile racer. Out tips/tricks/cheats guide will guarantee you a smooth ride.

Use all these top 10 tips/tricks/cheats to prosper on the road.

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1. So How Do I Get a Perfect Start?

CSR Classics Tips

Starting off a race the right way means making good use of the Perfect Start. The way to getting a Perfect Start is by stepping on the gas a lil’ bit and making sure your speedometer’s needle is within the section that gets the green light on your car to blink. Keep stepping on the gas to keep your needle hovering within that green light section, then you’ll be rewarded with a Perfect Start when the race starts. Getting that Perfect Start prompt helps out tremendously.

2. Use Your Nitro Early

CSR Classics Tips Tricks

During any race, it makes more sense to use it as quickly as possible instead of holding it till the middle/end portions of a race. Using it at an earlier part of the race helps get your ride up to quarter mile speed much faster. Always take your different cars’ stats into account when it comes to getting the most out of your nitrous. If you do prefer using your nitro later in the race, your top speed will get a nice boost. But in our opinion, cranking up that nitro at the start of a race pays off greatly.

3. Finish All The Ladder Races for Every Tier to Gain More Dough

CSR Classics Cheats

To get the largest output of cash, you’re gonna need to complete all the ladder races you spot on every tier. Finish off the starting, quarter finals, semifinals and final races for each tier and you’ll cash out pretty big. Don’t just go for the next tier when the opportunity presents itself before you finish a previous tier. Complete your previous tier of ladder races to fill your pockets much quicker.

4. Make Sure You Connect The Game to Facebook

CSR Classics Tips

If you want some more gold, then make sure you connect the game online with Facebook/Twitter. You’ll get to pick up 30 pieces of gold for use in the game. Make sure you share your level up and racing victory moments too since you’ll earn a cash bonus.

5. Here’s How to Cop Some Free Gas

WriterParty.com made sure to provide some tips for folks who are looking to cop some free gas:

One of the biggest tips for the game is the fact that you can get free gas whenever you run out, via multiple means. If you want to get free gas using the time lapse cheat, then set the time head on your phone or device itself (an hour and a half should be good for a full gas restoration). You can do this as many times as you want, although once you set the time back to normal, the game will stop building up energy until the real-life time equals out to your old cheat-time. For example, if you set the phone time to 9:24 pm while cheating, gas will start recharging again when the real-life time hits 9:24 pm.

Other ways to do so are to watch a video, tweet, like or follow the game on Facebook. You can tweet about whatever you want from within the game, and you can watch as many of the ad videos as you want, so if you don’t want to mess with the time on the phone, use these (slightly more tedious) ways to get your gas back.

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