Lep’s World 3: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Lep's World 3

If you’re one of those 80’s or 90’s babies who grew up on those Super Mario Bros. games, then you’ll become super addicted to this mobile platformer – Lep’s World 3. Instead of hopping and bopping with an Italian plumber, you’ll take control of a petite Leprechaun who loves him some gold coins.

It’s pretty evident that this lil’ hop and bop adventure lifts some of the best elements from your favorite platformers. If you’re ready to hop on bees and beetles while copping some coins, then this is the game for you.

Get farther and collect more goodies with all these top 10 tips/tricks/cheats.

1. Collect 100 Coins and…Well, You Know the Rest

Lep's World 3 Tips

One of those old school staples that’s timeless makes an appearance in this game. Make sure you collect 100 gold coins. Why? Because you’ll end up getting an extra life. You can search out those extra lives another way, too – break those gold clover blocks cause extra lives will be hiding in there.

2. Aim for Picking Up Those Pots of Gold

Lep's World 3 Tips

Not only do you have to search out for those lovable gold coins, you also have to keep an eye out for those wonderful pots of gold. Keep your eyes peeled for those pots on every stage you run around in. These don’t play a huge part in your final high score, so picking them up is an optional goal that you’ll want to achieve. In the end, the coins you collect and the time left on your stage makes a huge difference in you final score. Each stage holds either one, two or three pots of gold.

3. Get the Blue Suit Powerup and Make Good Use of it

One powerup that’s really beneficial during your run through all those 120 stages is the blue suit powerup. If you pick up five birds during your gold clover breaking actions, then you’ll automatically equip a blue suit. Once your avatar’s suit changes color, then you’ll have the ability to hop into the air much higher than before. Search out for those pots of gold when you have that extra 10-15 seconds to hop up higher.

4. Make Good Use of the Winged Boots, Too

Another powerup that works wonder’s for Lep’s gold coin collecting are those lauded winged boots. Lep will get the awesome ability to run extra fast for a 10-15 seconds. Chances are you’ll cop a pair of these once you break down some gold clovers.

5. What Are Those Levers That You Can Jump On?

Lep's World 3 Tips

Sometimes you’ll come across some purple levers that feature a feather icon over them. Jump on these every time for an extra set of collectibles you’ll want to nab – beautiful White doves. More points are what you an look forward to if you pick up all the doves that pop up out of those levers.

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