Xbox One: Get A Closer Look at the Exclusive All-White Employee Console

Good lord, that Xbox One looks sexy!

Too bad this baby isn’t available at retail. Members of the next-gen console’s development team were gifted with this incredible looking All-White edition. Xbox Live Operations Manager Eric Neustadter took to Twitter to show off his well earned and much deserved gift. What makes this White Xbox One even more special is the messages emblazoned on both the console and the controller – “I made This” and “Launch Team 2013.”

White Xbox One

One lucky gamer with a ton of dough actually obtained this edition of the console during an eBay bid. The total proceeds from the winning bid was donated in full to the Wounded Warrior Project. Want to know what the winning bid came out to? $11,300!

White Xbox One

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Everyone might not be getting this exclusive version of the Xbox One, but gamers are still lining up to get a standard, black Day One edition. Times Square in NYC is particularly exciting more than usual since a gang of future Xbox One owners are waiting for the launch to begin.

Check out the video above to see what’s transpiring in the Empire State for the Xbox One. And make sure you take one final look at the Xbox One you’d pay a ridiculous amount of money for if you could:

White Xbox One

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