Xbox One: Top 10 Best Games You Need to Buy Right Now


You finally have a sweet Xbox One taking the number one spot in your home entertainment center. So what is there to actually play? A bunch of great games, to be exact. A bunch of genres are covered within the starting gamut of launch games for Microsoft’s next-gen console.

Since the holidays are coming up real soon, you might want to spend your money on some worthy material that has a place in your Xbox One. These 10 games should satisfy casual and hardcore gamers who feel like kicking a werewolf, playing a nice round of animated golf or racing in designer cars.

10. Powerstar Golf

Powerstar Golf

There’s Hot Shots golf and now there’s Powerstar Golf! This golf simulator takes the “simulation” part out of it all and just adds the fast, arcadey fun that’s always a great time. The bright, cartoony visuals and calming nature of all the golf putting action push this Xbox One exlcusive to their front of your gaming wishlist. This is definitely a hole-in-one.

9. Madden NFL 25

Madden NFL 25 Xbox One

Last generation at launch, the Madden football series didn’t get off to such a hot start. With this next generation of console gaming, EA has made sure to craft this footballer into a much improved launch game. The graphics push the HD boundaries of the consoles it’s landing on, plus the always efficient gameplay mechanics that fans have become enamored with is back. Madden NFL 25 moves the gridiron action into the future.

8. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Lego Marvel Superheroes Xbox One

Chances are you lil’ ones want to get in on the Xbox One action. There’s no better way to play it safe than letting them go crazy with a new copy of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. The usual LEGO brick breaking and character collecting that LEGO games are beloved for make a return in this comic book adventure. Only difference is there’s a HUGE collection of Marvel heroes/villains to play with.

7. Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse Son of Rome

Don’t feed into the negativity that some gamers have thrown on this launch title. Ryse: Son of Rome isn’t THAT bad. Sure, the melee gameplay can grow tiresome after you do it so often. But trust us when we tell you, you’ll still get a good time out of cutting down barbarians and pulling off amazing finishing kill moves. Plus there’s some co-op gameplay that lets you go crazy in the gladiatorial arena. You’re definitely gonna have some fun with this Crytek-helmed launch title.

6. Need for Speed Rivals

Need for Speed Rivals

The racing simulation fanbase have Forza Motorsport 5. For the arcade racing fans who want to smash and crash, EA has gifted them with Need for Speed Rivals. The open-world racing and police assaults that make up the bulk of this release manage to ratchet up the fun factor by a ton. You like your racers fast, right? Then pick this one up!

5. NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 Xbox One

Let’s take a break on the golf ball fields and football stadiums for a second. NBA 2K14 is where all the basketball action lies. NBA Live’s latest iteration pails in comparison to 2K Games’ long running basketball simulation series. This is the game you and your college buds will wake up the dorm with.

4. FIFA 14

FIFA 14 Xbox One

Now we’re going to head into the genre of soccer. FIFA 14 continues EA Sports’ tradition of high-quality soccer simulation games with this next-generation installment. The action on the green is still as tight as ever, plus the Xbox One version comes with the exclusive Ultimate Team mode, which comes with a wide variety of soccer legends.

3. Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3

Capcom’s open-world zombie caper is an exclsuive Xbox One launch title. And what a launch title it is! Dead Rising 3 is placed within a grim world that’s packed with some many options for taking them down. You’re probably gonna want the type of game that gets addictive the more you level up and smash some undead hordes. For all your zombie gory goodness, it’s all on the Xbox One (for now…).

2. Forza Motorsport 5

Forza Motorsport 5

Forza Motorsport 5. Know the name and respect the legacy. Xbox’s exlcusive racing simulation series has been around for a while and now it has solidified its spot on the top for racing games. All manners of designer cars and real-life racing tracks are here for you and your friends to indulge in. This is the game that you’ll fool your non-gamer buddies with. They’ll totally think you’re waiting a professional race.

1. Killer Instinct


IT’S BACK! If you remember the days of Ultra combos and fights with walking skeletons, then we’re sure you know why this game is at the top of this list. The new and improved Killer Instinct comes with a few of the old roster, a new visual aesthetic and different versions for players to try out before you buy. Make sure this awesome fighter is downloaded to your Xbox One as soon as you have a chance.

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