Grand Theft Auto 5: Lindsay Lohan’s Ready to Sue Rockstar Games

GTA 5 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has been pretty quiet in the “crazy child actor turned insane celebrity” sector lately. It sounds like she’s ready to show the world how ridiculous she can be…again. TMZ reported that Lindsay is ready to sue the developers behind one of 2013’s biggest video games – Grand Theft Auto 5.

GTA 5 Lindsay Lohan

According to Lindsay Lohan’s lawyers, the game uses her likeness and image in the game during several instances. Three pieces of evidence will reportedly be used to support Lindsey’s case against GTA 5.

IGN listed all the instances that Lindsey’s lawyers claim are perfect examples of their client’s image being used without her consent:

Firstly, an in-game mission tasks players with escorting actress Lacey Jones safely away from the paparazzi. TMZ suggests Lohan thinks Lacey has been designed to resemble her, and the mission is poking fun at her past run-ins with photographers.

Secondly, another mission sees the player photographing an actress with red hair in what appears to be a fictionalised version of the Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood; a hotel in which Lohan lived for a time and still regularly frequents.

Finally, a popular piece of artwork for the game shows a woman holding an iFruit phone that supposedly resembles Lohan. There’s been some debate about who the subject of the image actually is, with some fans likening the bikini-clad woman to Kate Upton, while British actress and model Shelby Wellinder told NowGamer last year that she was the star of the image, even producing a paycheck to prove it.

The similarities between the in-game characters/the cover lady seen in GTA 5 and Lindsay Lohan are easy to see if you look hard enough, but who knows really? Lindsay might have something to go on, but Rockstar’s parody characters evoke images of several famous real life individuals.

Should Lindsay receive some legal pay over a glorified parody of her real life misshapen events?

GTA 5 Lindsay Lohan

So with all the evidence seen above, do you think Lindsay Lohan actually have a case? Or do you think she’s desperate for another round of unwarranted attention from the tabloids? Sounds like Option B is a more feasible reason for this planned legal battle. If you need some video evidence of all this Lindsay Lohan vs. GTA 5 madness, check out the video of one of the Lacey Jones missions below:

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