Papa Pear Saga: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Papa Pear Saga Tips

Papa Pear Saga continues the successive string of mobile puzzle games being released by the makers of Candy Crush Saga, For anyone who grew addicted to the Pachinko nature of the game called Peggle, then you’ll easily grow attached to this mobile puzzler.

Players get to utilize Papa Pear in his own puzzling saga as they shoot pears, clear acorns pegs and land them in the buckets seen at the bottom of the screen. This game tends to get deeper as time goes on though, thanks to the wealth of other levels you’ll run into.

With our top 10 tips/tricks/cheats walkthrough guide, you’ll end up scoring as high as anyone else and getting into the much more complicated puzzles in the hundreds. GOOD LUCK!

Papa Pear Saga – Universal – HD Gameplay TrailerPapa Pear Saga by Limited Take aim and unleash Papa Pear to bounce and boing his way through the wonderfully wacky levels of this unique puzzle game. Please note Papa Pear Saga is completely free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment. You can turn-off the…2013-08-22T16:57:45Z

1. So Many Lives Do I Start Out With?

Papa Pear Saga Tips

Once players being their initial run of Papa Pear Saga, they’ll be running with 5 separate lives. Failing a level means losing a life, but waiting out 30 extra minutes means you’ll regain a life. You could always buy a n extra live with some Gold Bars (more on that later…) by tapping on the heart icon on the screen. You can take the social media road and ask your friends to send you lives, too. Remember, folks – you’ll only have access to 5 lives at one time, no matter if you’re friend sends you an extra one if you still have the maximum amount of lives.

2. What Do The Game’s Powerup’s Do?

Papa Pear Saga Cheats

Papa Pear Saga allows players to use five different powerup’s that could mean the difference between winning and failing horribly. Here’s’s explanation of each powerup:

– Double Pin: Colliding with this special double blue pin will create an extra blue Papa Pear for extra bounce and points
– Wake-up Pin: Colliding with this special colorful pin will make a bucket light up automatically with the help of a rainbow ray
– Grande Pin: The Grande Pin make bigger pears that are stronger and remove more pins than a normal one
– Fire Pin: Colliding with a Papa Fire pin will turn your Papa Pear into a Papa Fire, which will help you remove more pins than a normal Papa Pear because it is faster and surrounded by a fire halo
– Multiplier Pin: Colliding with this special Multiplier Pin will multiply the score by 1, 2, 3, etc…

3. If You’re Willing to Spend Money, Go Ahead and Cop Some Gold Bars

Papa Pear Saga Tips

Since this is a game, you should already know that there are in-game purchases that can be purchased with real money. The special powerup’s that you can nab for a few real world dollars in this game are called Gold Bars. Now it’s clear that you can make your way through the game without having to buy any of these items at all. But for players who desperately want to obtain extra lives, Papa Pears and more, purchasing some Gold Bars is a viable game winning method.

4. So What Do The Special Pegs Do?

Sometimes you may spot some specially colored pegs that obviously lend some special boosts/perks to your pears. The Split Papa Peg helps your pear out by creates a clone of your current pear in play. When you hit that peg, you’ll end up nabbing a free duplicate pear that comes in handy on those score limit stages. The Papa Fire Peg, when hit, transforms your current pear into a flaming projectile that sets fire to any pegs it comes into contact with. And lastly, the Papa Grande Peg makes your current pear even larger than normal. This makes it a lot easier to knock down several pegs in one clean shot.

5. Sometimes It Pays to Shoot Off Several Pears at Once

During the more tenuous puzzle situations you come up against, you may find yourself fighting against the clock. When you’re struggling to complete a stage’s goal before the time limit hits it mark, then do this – go ahead and shoot off more than one pear at a time. Not only will you increase your score by knocking down a bunch of acorn pegs, you’ll also reach your score limit much faster and possibly land more than one pear in more than one bucket.

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