REVIEW: Help Guide Rez Back to Planet Earth in Galaxy Run

Galaxy Run, an endless running game developed by Spiel Studios, is now available for iPhone and iPad. With Galaxy Run, players must help guide the main protagonist, Rez, back to planet Earth, as his spacecraft has crashed on an unknown planet. Players must run and jump through the dark mysteries of space and complete the galactic environments of Persus, Drak-Nok, and Aquarian, which include over 350 levels of adventure and fun. The game offers a wide variety of creative levels that are blended with puzzle-solving elements.

galaxy run

The game’s controls are pretty simple. Players begin running by tapping the screen, and can jump to hop over gaps and avoid obstacles by double tapping.

An in-app store allows players to purchase three power-ups: skip the level, slow-mo timer, and ghost play. Prices for power-ups can become pretty pricey, with a range of $0.99-$20.00. These power-ups aren’t required to progress through the game, so it all depends on what the player is willing to spend in order to breeze through more challenging levels. Since this game is a paid app and not free-to-play, the additional in-app purchases really don’t seem very justified, although levels can become quite frustrating.

galaxy run iphone game

Overall, Galaxy Run is a fun endless running game with puzzle game elements. Levels become frustrating early on in the game, and the music can start to become an annoyance. Download Galaxy Run if you’re looking for a more challenging endless runner.

Galaxy Run is available for $0.99 on the App Store here.

RATING: 7/10