WATCH: LEGO The Last of Us, The Game We Wish Was Real

LEGO The Last of UsYou guys are the best! To thank you, I made this: It's the Last of Us… but, you know, for kids! I don't work for Naughty Dog. I don't work for LEGO or Traveller's Tales. I'm just a huge fan of the games they make. Want me to make more animated videos? Subscribe! Want to read the ramblings of a poor, sleep-deprived animator on Twitter? @BrianKA Have an idea for a future LEGO animation? Comment below! Special thanks to Dustin Bozovich for his amazing sound design. Check out his work at Oh, and don't forget to stick around for the surprise ending!2013-12-12T06:59:30.000Z

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us happens to be one of the greatest video game experiences of 2013.

Dealing with the end of the world while mushroom spore sporting zombies mill about was tough. The task of protecting a young girl who possibly has the cure to a deadly fungi virus also made for a pretty emotional ride. This title isn’t something that’s perfectly playable for the younger ones in your family, though. One amazing YouTube video creator by the name of Brian Anderson created a cool LEGO gameplay rendition of The Last of Us that’s pretty approachable for the kiddies.

Check out the video above to get a glimpse at what the game would look like if Traveller’s Tales and Naughty Dog got together to create this “we wish it was real” video game.

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