CES 2014: The Video Game Technology You Need to Know About

Mad Catz Xbox One Steering Wheel

Mad Catz’s exclsuive Xbox One steering wheel was available for demo play on the CES 2014 showroom floor. Check out IGN’s preview video of this new Force Feedback-powered racing game wheel.

PrioVR Motion Suit

A startup company by the name of YEI Technology began working on a full-body tracking suit that’s compatible with the Oculus Rift – the PrioVR Motion Suit. This latest piece of virtual reality gaming tech was given a Kickstarter; unfortunately, it didn’t reach its overall crowd funding goal. YEI Technology has decided to go ahead and debut the PrioVR suit at CES 2014 and relaunch it on Valentine’s Day this year. Check out the preview vid of the suit above.

AMD’s Discovery Gaming Tablet

AMD has joined the gaming tablet race with its newest “Discovery” hardware. IGN spent some time with this new tablet device in the video above. This tablet is powered by the super powerful Mullins APU.

New Turtle Beach Gaming Headset

CES 2014

Turtle Beach, one of the most well known video game headset companies, announced a large number of partnership deals that will result in a array of upcoming headsets. Turtle Beach headsets will be developed by the PS4, Xbox One and Titanfall. Some of the newest headsets include the Titanfall Ear Force Atlas ($149.95) and the XL1 Xbox 360 Stereo Gaming Headset ($39.95).


CES 2014

The Ozobot is a brand new robotic piece of gaming hardware that can physically maneuver on your tablet of choice and let owners play a multitude of single and multiplayer games. The Ozobot was shown to several onlookers at CES 2014 in a cool demonstration – the Ozobot worked with an app, which displays tracks that the device can track and move on. By drawing different patterns on your tablet, the Ozobot will respond in different ways (speeding or slowing down, for example).A Kickstarter campaign is being prepped for this piece of cute gaming hardware/software. The Ozobot will go for $59.95 upon release.

Madcatz F.R.E.Q. 9 Bluetooth, Noise-Canceling Headset

Famed video game accessory developer Mad Catz showed off their newest invention – the F.R.E.Q. 9 Bluetooth, noise-canceling headset. IGN got some demo time with the headset in the above preview video.

Innex Inc. SuperRetroTrio Console

At last year’s CES, a retro console named the RetroDuo was unveiled. This old-school/new-school console offers modern technology that’s capable of playing NES and SNES games. Innex Inc., the company behind these console, upped the ante at CES 2014 by adding one more playable gaming platform to its machine. Check out the interview above from GamerFitNation for more info on this retro home console.

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