Farm Heroes Saga: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Farm Heroes Saga

There sure are a ton of mobile puzzle games with the word “Saga” contained in the title. The latest one in line with that mobile gaming trend is a new, bright puzzler named Farm Heroes Saga.

Instead of matching and clearing sweet pastries off of your puzzle stages, you’re tasked with off a whole lot of farm-centered vegetables and fruits. The same addictive, hard-to-put-down nature of these types of games is pretty prevalent here, which means you’ll be hooked on this game for hours to come. The difficulty ratchets up the longer you proceed and more new obstacles will get in your way. HELP IS ON THE WAY!

Make sure you use these top 10 tips/tricks/cheats to get all the way through Farm Heroes Saga!

1. The Best Method Towards Getting Three Stars

Farm Heroes Saga Tips Tricks

The whole point of this Match-Three mobile puzzle game is quite simple – match up as many fruits and vegetables as possible in the allotted urns you’re given. Those matches up farm produce items are added to a collection quota that you’re asked to fill on various stages. It’s quite tempting to grab that three star achievement on each stage, but it’s a hard task to conquer. The best way to get your three stars is by completing matching opportunities that clear four, five or even six items off the puzzle board. Big combo opportunities that help your clear more than three objects off the stage result in that star bar filling up much faster.

2. What Boosters Are Available?

There’s a good amount of booster power-up’s in the game that are unlockable as you play through the game. made sure to list them and explain what they do:

Boosters provide a turn-based advantage on the board, allowing you to do a number of things. They unlock eventually as you progress further on the board, but the ones you earn initially are quite useful.

First up is the Extra Turns piece. By unlocking this (which requires six gold bricks), you’re able to continue your current run for five additional turns, on top of the ones you’re already provided with.

The second is the Tractor. This is a single-use power-up that clears away a whole row of vegetables, in case you’re stuck or just want to clear away some of the debris that can’t be matched up right away. Use it wisely.

Finally, Shovel enables you to dig up and remove one piece from the board. If it’s a piece that’s required in your collection, it’ll be added to your total automatically. You can use this up to three times before needing to recharge it, so use it carefully.

3. What’s The Purpose of Collecting Animals?

Farm Heroes Saga Cheats

Well, they actually don’t serve any meaningful purpose. When you collect them off a stage, they just become permanent members of your farm. They are pretty much there for a cosmetic change that makes your farm look a little bit fuller and more fun.

4. How to Beat Level 80

We’re going to place a few walkthrough vids here for some of the game’s toughest stages. Here’s how to get through level 80.

5. How to Beat Level 99

Here’s how you complete level 99.

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