Farm Heroes Saga: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. How to Beat Level 111

And here’s how to make your way through level 111.

7. Wait A Bit to Refill Your Hearts

Farm Heroes Saga Tips

When you eventually run into some tough stages, you’ll most definitely fail at collecting all the required fruits/veggies in time. You get four hearts, which relates to how many chances you have to beat the current stage you’re stuck on. If you run out of all four hearts, then you’ll be forced to do one of three things – asking your Facebook friends for extra hearts, buying some with your gold bricks or waiting 30-minutes for each heart piece to refill. We advise you to be patient and wait it out. Don’t spend any dough or annoy your Facebook buddies. Just chill out and wait for your hearts to come back…FOR FREE!

8. Use Your Gold to Unlock Those Gates knows the best way to use all your acquired gold:

The game gives you 50 gold for free. That will unlock five gates with five gold to spare. You can use gold for things like refilling your lives or replenishing your boosters early, but you absolutely should not do this. The sooner you run out of the gold, the sooner (and more frequently) you’ll have to bug people on Facebook to get past those gates.

9. Making Matches at the Bottom of the Stage Yields Great Results

Farm Heroes Saga Tips Tricks

Making matches near the bottom of the stage will make your puzzle completion process a much simple one. also posted up some advice on why this is a great move for all types of Farm Heroes Saga players:

This is a pretty well-known match-3 strategy, but making matches lower in the field increases your chances of making a combo when incoming blocks come in. Horizontal matches are better than vertical matches, as well. Of course, it’s important to prioritize the previous two points, but if you’re lucky enough to have a choice, go low and horizontal.

10. The Basics of Boss Fights

When you encounter those big boss encounters on certain stages, defeating them is a pretty simple affair in theory but pretty difficult to pull off in action. To take out those boss beats who endanger your farm, you have to clear and collect as many of the for required fruits/veggies that the board requires you to complete. You have to do this before your number of turns completely deplete. The more produce you collect, the more life you’ll clear off the boss’ life bar. Make sure you do big multi-number matches so you kill off these bosses much quicker.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Farm Heroes Saga players, throw them in the comments section!




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