Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Lightning Returns

Gamers have been split into two groups regarding Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII – they either love it or they hate with a passion. This series has been told in two previous games and now its set to come to its grand conclusion with a solo adventure featuring the main heroine with the recognizable pink hair, Lightning.

Her next playable journey is one of the more anticipated 2014 games coming to American/European gamers. There’s a lot to know about this grand RPG and the storyline details that brings FF 13’s overall tale to an end.

Here’s the top 10 facts you need to know about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

1. The Game Takes 500 Years After The End of Final Fantasy XIII-2

Lightning Returns

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII takes place in the world of Nova Chrysalia, which is slowly nearing its definite end. Lightning, the main protagonist of the Final Fantasy XIII series, is awakened after putting herself into a self-imposed hibernation 13 days before the end of the world. After she re-enters the world she once inhabited, Lightning is tasked with rescuing the people of Nova Chrysalia from the end of their world.

In an interview with Siliconera, producer Yoshinori Kitase provided some initial story details on his newest Final Fantasy entry:

After the events of Final Fantasy XIII-2, the world is consumed by Chaos and the end begins to draw near. In this installment, a few hundred years have passed since then, although people have stopped aging. Lightning has been asleep inside a crystal, and her heart is still pure; however, people like Snow and Noel, or any of her old allies lived through all those years while shouldering the burden of causing harm to the world, or not being able to protect the ones they loved the most. Just like the Chaos consumed the world, darkness has burrowed into their hearts as centuries passed by them. Snow is no longer an optimistic hero, instead, he finds himself struggling with all his might to keep himself from falling apart from the sadness of losing Serah. Lightning’s first mission is to save Snow.

2. Several Characters from the Past Two Games in the Series Will Appear

Lightning Returns

A ton of familiar faces who popped up in previous iterations of the Final Fantasy XIII games will also show up during Lightning’s end-of-the-world crusade. During his Siliconera interview, Yoshinori Kitase spoke about who may appear this time around and what happened beforehand during their Final Fantasy XIII adventures:

At the end of Final Fantasy XIII, Fang and Vanille became encapsulated in giant crystal pillars that held Cocoon up. 13 years before the beginning of Lightning Returns, they awake from that state. They were being protected as people who hold the fate of the world by the Order of Salvation, worshippers of the god Bhunivelze. What their roles are, and what happened in the 13 years they’ve been awake will be disclosed within the narrative of this installment.

No one knew the whereabouts of Caius, or whether he was even alive, after the previous installment; however, he can be found at a place called “temple of the goddess” from Valhalla, which appeared on the largest continent of the Wildlands. The Wildlands is what once was the center of Gran Pulse, as well as where the Chaos from Valhalla, the world of death, first appeared at the end of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Why he continues to live on, and the truth behind a certain mystery left at the end of Final Fantasy XIII-2, will be told through the story of this installment.

3. The In-Game Clock is Constantly Running

Since the in-game world is slowly reaching its end, a clock is constantly counting down while you play. As you run around and navigate each locale you venture into, this “Doomsday Clock” continues to ticker down until it hits its final time and signals the end of the world and Lightning. The timer starts out at seven in-game days, but it can be upgraded to feature a maximum of 13 days. To put the in-game clock’s countdown time in perspective to real-world time, one in-game day equals one real-world hour. Players can stop the constant countdown time during cutscenes, conversations and battles. Another option (a Lightning ability known as Chronostasis) can also be utilized in order to pause the countdown clock.

4. Lightning is the Only Playable Character

Lightning Returns

Lightning is going to take up the bulk of this end-of-the-world journey that’s been thrown her way. She’s the sole character that gamers will control and take into battle. Lightning has teh ability to interact with in-game structures by sliding down poles and jumping up to higher platforms. Lightning can maneuver around the world by walking or by using the always familiar Chocobos.

5. Lightning Can Change Into Different Costumes in Battle to Change Her Fighting Style and Stats

Lightning Returns

One of the newest features of this entry in Lightning’s ability to change into different costumes in battle. These costumes not only offer players a cosmetic change to their customized version of Lightning, they offer different weapon/ability setups. The colors of each of the different costumes can be altered to fit each player’s liking. For a full list of each costume, check out the list below:

– Equilibrium
– Dark Muse
– Mist Wizard
– Dust & Shadow
– Midnight Mauve
– L’ange Noir
– Dragoon
– Splendid Admiral
– Nocturne
– Paladin
– L’automne
– Loyal Servant
– Cold Rebellion
– Quiet Guardian
– Helter Skelter
– Black Mage
– White Mage
– Red Mage
– Blue Mage
– Providence
– Astral Lord
– Watery Chorus
– Passion Rouge
– Duelist
– Cyber Avatar
– Electronica
– Blazing Mars
– Rising Venus
– Vengeance
– Intruder
– Gothic Knight
– Valiance
– Crimson Bloom
– Sun & Bloom
– Amazon Warrior
– Candy Raver
– Nightmare
– Profound Wanderer
– Original GC Uniform (Final Fantasy XIII)
– Original Etro’s Champion Costume (Final Fantasy XIII-2)
– Miquo’te Dress (Final Fantasy XIV)
– Summoner of Spira (Yuna Garb Inspired by Final Fantasy X)
– Sphere Hunter (Yuna’s Gunner Costume from Final Fantasy X)
– SOLDIER First Class (Cloud’s Outfit from Final Fantasy VII)
– Midgar’s Flower Girl (Aerith’s Outfit from Final Fantasy VII)
– Shogun
– Vajra Bodhisattva
– Shining Prince
– Furinkazan
– Utsusemi
– Flower of Battle
– Dark Samurai

For more information on what each costume change grants Lightning, hit up the following LINK.

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