Top 30 Games You Need to Play in 2014 (Part 3)

5. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

MGS5 Ground Zeroes

Anyone who’s watched the full E3 2013 trailer for the first half of Metal Gear Solid 5 must have this game on their “2014 Must Have Games” wishlist. Ground Zeroes features base building, weapon collecting, troops gathering etc. in a huge open landscape that’s packed with a huge variety of missions. We’re eager to take Big Boss out into his warn torn world and start amassing a private army that’s unstoppable. Longtime fans of MGS know the plot threadings of this release will be just as confusing as ever, but that’s where the overall charm of the series lies. Ground Zeroes…we’re so ready!

4. Infamous: Second Son

Infamous Second Son

PS4 owners are looking to play the next big exclsuive game that their $400 purchase warranted. That game will arrive in the form of Sucker Punch Entertainment produced action/adventure title, Infamous: Second Son. The new main character, Delsin Rowe, has access to a bunch of new Conduit powers that have been on full display in many trailers. The offensive chain outfitted to his hand, the parkour skills that get him around and the smoke powers that propel him all look incredible. March 21, 2013 can’t come soon enough.

3. Titanfall


Okay, okay so we hear the complaints about Titanfall’s 6 vs. 6 multiplayer game limit. With that being said and known, we’re STILL hyped about this upcoming first-person shooter. Every time we sit down to take a look at the game Titans, we get just a wee bit more excited for the possibilities of fast mach combat. The fast-moving soldiers look to evoke a sense of incredible speed that we can’t wait to take control of once Titanfall officially lands. The Xbox One has a major hit on its hands, come March 11, 2014.

2. Destiny


Bungie has become masterful at crafting the best FPS series to come around in recent years (Halo). Now that Activision has acquired the services of this excellent development team, Bungie has made sure this new partnership results in a new IP –Destiny. From all the trailers we’ve seen, stories we’ve ready and pics we’ve glossed over, we’ve developed feelings of hype and anticipation. The concept behind the game’s planetary travels and multiplayer-centric gameplay sounds awesome. There’s all types of weapons to collect, side missions to complete and plenty of chances to engage in some co-op/competitive space warfare. We can’t wait to create out our own space faring avatar and surf around the galaxy.

1. Evolve

Evolve Game

This new IP offers a fresh and unique take on multiplayer FPS games – a team of four monster hunters take on an oversized creature. The very concept behind this shooter sounds way too cool to pass up. Evolve features a nice variety of hunters and monsters who sport some amazingly scary designs. We know it’s going to feel great being on either side. Running behind a beast through the jungle while peppering it with bullets or wiping out all four hunters with a boulder makes us giddy with joy. We can’t wait to Evolve and engage in a much different type of war.

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