X-Men: Battle of the Atom: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Always Try to Power Up Your Rare Characters

X Men Battle of the Atom Tips Tricks

TouchTapPlay.com offered up some tips on what character cards you should aim for powering up over the other cards in your collection:

You will want to power up your characters as much as you can. But which characters? Aside from personal preferences, it’s always better to power up the rarest character you have. During the course of the game you will be getting quite a lot of them and the least rare ones will be replaced constantly. The rarest ones won’t, for obvious reasons, so power these characters up as much as possible without worrying about it too much.

7. Collect Those Free Cards on a Daily Basis

X Men Battle of the Atom

Sure, those free cards that you can add to your collection every day may not be exactly want you want. Then there may be times when you get a super powerful card out that free stack. No matter the situation, you should always make sure you get you free cards every day. Any cards you don’t want can be used in the evolving and transfusion process for your more powerful cards.

8. Your Rare Characters Should Get the Best Power Up’s

WriterParty.com noted that players should aim for evolving and equipping power up’s to your rarer cards:

You’ll earn lots of new characters just by completing missions, or by taking your recruit points and spending them on new recruits. Always look to evolve characters, as each evolution increases rarity of a character by one point. If you start to run out of room in your inventory, though, use the transfusion to clear space and to power up the main members of your squad. The rarest members should be the ones to get the power ups, because they are the least likely to be replaced.


X Men Battle of the Atom Tips

There will definitely come a point where you want to switch up your main offering of cards available in your deck. When you collect enough powerful and rare cards for your deck, it’s also going to be pretty hard and time consuming when you want to create your new custom deck. Go ahead and select the Auto-Build action if you’re looking to go into battle with the strongest cards possible. Not only does this nifty option save you time, but it also keeps your best cards on hand at any moment in battle.

10. Use Your Skill Points to Upgrade Your Stamina

WriterParty.com also listed some advice regarding the process of properly upgrading your overall stamina:

If you want to play for as long as possible at a time, use all of the skill points that you earned from completing missions and leveling up to improve your stamina. Improving your stamina allows you to complete more missions, meaning you will earn more experience points, and every time that you gain and experience level, your stamina will be refilled entirely.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow X-Men: Battle of the Atom players, throw them in the comments section!


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