Dark Souls 2: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Dark Souls 2

There’s a game that punishes it’s players and puts them in hazardous situations that constantly put them at death’s door. But this game also awards players for sticking through it all and toughing it out against the many hideous enemies they come across. That game is now being given a much anticipated sequel – Dark Souls 2.

Namco Bandai and From Software are preparing to unleash this monster upon gamers come March 11 (US), March 13 (Japan) and March 14 (Europe and Australasia). Before you head into the dark caverns and frightening location within this sequel, we’re going to provide you with all the info sorrounding this upcoming release.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dark Souls 2!

1. The Director Who Worked on Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls is Supervising the Production and Development of This Sequel

Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2 will be directed by two game developers this time around – Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura. Hidetaka Miyazaki once served as the lead director for the past two games in the series (Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls), but he will not take on the directing duties for this new project. However, Miyazaki will still offer his input on the development/production of this title through his supervising duties.

2. The Plot Revolves Around A Player Created Character Who’s Afflicted By A Curse

Dark Souls 2

The main storyline behind Dark Souls 2 revolves around the player’s custom character, who becomes stricken by a curse. The player’s character ventures out into the dark world that he inhabits in order to discover a cure to this curse. The plot revolving around this title is said to be even more emotional and involved than the storylines seen in past games in the series. This sequel won’t have any direct links to the first Dark Souls. It’s cool to note that all three games are set in the same universe, though. The directors of this release went on to say that the concept of time will play a heavy part in the main plot.

3. This Sequel’s Difficulty Level Will Increase

Dark Souls 2

Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls are notable for being two of the most difficult games that were released during teh last-generation of gaming. It’s been said by the directors of this release that Dark Souls 2 will be even HARDER than the past two games in the series. For example, dead players can now be invaded by other dead players so the “Hollow” is no longer the safe haven it used to be. Plus the presence of healing items will be even scarce and rarer this time around. And of course, the many monsters and bosses you’ll come across have improved A.I. There won’t be an Easy mode making it’s way into the game, too.

4. Cooperative and Co-Op Play is Making A Comeback

Dark Souls 2

There will be instances of cooperative and co-op play in Dark Souls 2. As you play online, players will have to combat invading players. Players will bump into various human online players who have aligned themselves with rival covenants. One of the cooler aspects of the competitive play involves players hunting down serial invaders that have been given a wanted status by a Dark Souls 2 online game’s master server. The co-op options involves inviting friendly players into your game as two players take on the many threats being put in front of them. The addition of voice chat will undoubtedly improve the co-op communication between players. Dedicated online serves are being put in place to keep this game’s multiplayer gameplay stable.

5. The PC Version Has Been Delayed

UPDATE: The PC version of Dark Souls 2 will arrive on April 25, 2014.

Dark Souls 2

PC gamers are going to have to wait a little bit longer for their chance to finally play Dark Souls 2. This version of the game has been delayed due to it being worked on more so that it works as an optimal version of the console release. Once the official release date on the PC version hits the web, we’ll make sure to list it here for you all to see.

6. There Are Several New Covenants Being Offered to Players

Dark Souls 2

Yui Tanimura, the co-director of Dark Souls 2, spoke to PCGamer.com about the new covenants that are being introduced in the game:

– Way of Blue: Covenant with divine protection of gods of Blue. When apostles of Blue are invaded by dark spirits, they can receive assistance from other Way of Blue members.
– Blue Sentinel: Covenant to protect the blue apostles from the merciless beings. He/she will be automatically summoned to the worlds of Blue apostles who have been invaded by dark spirits.
– Brotherhood of Blood: Covenant of immortality haunted by blood. Its purpose is to sacrifice blood for Nahr Alma, god of war. Repeated invasion to many player’s world.
– Heirs to the Sun: Worship of the sun, now a lost belief, was once widespread amongst great warriors. Covenant to worship the sun with its purpose to help other players.
– Bell Keeper: The twin bells symbolize the bond between two lovers who could never be united. The bell keepers are the eternal guardians of the bells.

7. Eight Starting Classes Are Being Offered

Dark Souls 2

The Wiki page for Dark Souls 2 has some info on the eight separate character classes that players can choose to give to their custom character:

– Warrior: A warrior that lives on the battle field. Has high Strength and Dexterity, making it easy to meet stat requirements for weapons. Has a shield from the beginning.

– Knight: A traveling knight. Has high Vigor and Adaptability allowing them to withstand many hits. Does not come equipped with a shield, so players need to be cautious at the beginning. Has fairly high Faith

– Swordsman: A swordsman with honed skills. Fights skillfully with weapons equipped in each hand. Equipped with an upgraded Scimitar and Longsword from the start.

– Bandit: A ruthless bandit. Has high Dexterity and can use a bow. Can react to both long range and short range threats. Best for players that want to create a Dexterity build.

– Cleric: A cleric on a pilgrimage. Their miracles and high Faith can show them the way forward. Has learned the Heal miracle from the start and can explore with persistence.

– Sorcerer: A wise sorcerer. Can command sorcery with high Intelligence and Attunement. Has learned Souls Arrow and is good at long ranged combat.

– Explorer: An explorer traveling through many lands. Does not excel in any particular area, but comes equipped with many items, allowing them to fight advantageously at the beginning of the game.

– Deprived: A nude person with an unknown background. Fights empty-handed. Their body itself is the proof of their existence. Starts at level 1 and therefore can grow in whatever way the player wishes to.

8. Early Reviews for the Game Have Largely Been Positive

Dark Souls 2

Several international gaming publications have already gotten their hands on review copies of the game. The final reactions to Dark Souls 2 have fell into the more positive realm, which should make worried fans a little less afraid of this sequel being a letdown. German gaming magazine M! Games awarded the game with a 90-percent fresh rating. The reviewer stated that the game will probably take up to an upwards of 60 hours to fully complete. Several other reviewers have went on to praise the game’s increased difficulty, dark atmosphere and improved graphics.

9. There’s A Collectors Edition Available

Dark Souls 2

The collector’s edition of Dark Souls 2 is coming with a nice slew of awesome bonus goodies for pre-orders. Here’s what’s included with this edition of the game:

– the “Black Armour Edition” of Dark Souls 2 (includes the metal game case)
– a 12-inch Warrior Knight figurine
– an authentic cloth game map
– the official game soundtrack (music composed by famed Japanese composer Motoi Sakuraba)

10. Plus There’s A “Black Armour Edition” Available for More Dedicated Fans

Dark Souls 2

For those who pre-order the game, they’ll automatically be put on the list to receive the “Black Armour Edition” once the game officially becomes available. This special edition of Dark Souls 2 comes with:

– the “Black Armour Edition” of Dark Souls 2 (includes the metal game case)
– the official game soundtrack (music composed by famed Japanese composer Motoi Sakuraba)

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