Top 10 Games That Are Like Flappy Bird

Fly Birdie – Flappy Bird Flyer

Fly Birdie Flappy Bird Flyer

This one’s a blatant copy and it doesn’t care. If you love playing Flappy Bird but you’d like a somewhat refined graphical representation of it, then this version’s the one for you.

Flappy Wings – not Flappy Bird

Flappy Wings

“Not Flappy Wings.” At least this game’s title notifies gamers that it’s not exactly the game you’re looking for. Your bird has a shade of blue and red around it, plus there’s a pretty little rainbow present on the title screen. The mechanics are pretty darn identical to Flappy Bird, though.

Fluffy vs. Flappy Birds

Fluffy vs Flappy Birds

There’s tapping, flying and crashing with a blue bird. That’s all there it too it, actually. It’s a copycat and it’s a blatant clone that’s not afraid to be showcased as such.

Flappy Bee

Flappy Bee

It’s about time there were more mobile games that gave bees more attention. Buzzing across the screen with this cute yellow bee is just as addictive as flapping across the screen as a bird.


Flappy Bird

So there’s no flying birds present here. But the presence of a cute dog who’s able to fly and smash into green pipes just like our favorite mobile bird should replicate that Flappy Bird experience for you all.

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