Marvel Run Jump Smash!: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

10. These are the Enhancements You Can Buy With Gold or Gems

Marvel Run Jump Smash Tips also posted up the full list of enhancement boosts that you can purchase in the game with gold/gems:

1. IOS-8 Strength – this protects you from one obstacle or minion. The first level goes for 300 gold, and will last 15 seconds.
2. Coin Value – this boosts your coin value a certain percentage. To get started with an increase of one percent – yes, one percent – you’ll need to spend 300 gold.
3. Power-Up Duration – this increases the duration of invincibility and Magnet power-ups. It’ll cost you 600 coins to start off, doubling your time from .3 seconds to .6. That does make a difference in game though, believe it or not.
4. Wasp’s Wings – this gives you a 390 meter head start on your run, and costs 400 gold. One-time use.
5. Captain’s Shield – this prevents defeat from collision with an obstacle a single time, and costs 200 gold. One-time use.
6. Doctor Strange’s Charm – use this to fill your special attack bar up 50 percent. It’s a one-time use for 100 gold.
Protection of Mjolnir – this keeps your special attack bar full as you change back to your SHIELD character. It’s a one-time use for 100 gold.
7. Super Hero’s Spirit – this extends your run with your current super hero for 20 seconds, even after you are defeated. It’s a one-time use for 300 gold.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Marvel Run Jump Smash! players, throw them in the comments section!

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