Strider: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know (Interview with Game Producer, James Vance)

6. The game’s soundtrack is said to be featuring a number of throwbacks to past Strider songs. Which older tracks will be remixed for the game?

Strider 2014

James Vance: The soundtrack was composed by Michael John Mollo, who blew everyone on the team away with his awesome remixes of classic tracks, and completely new themes which perfectly match the Strider universe. Michael also happens to be a childhood fan of Strider for the NES. Some of the classic remix tracks fans can look forward to are Raid, Coup, and the Kazakh Theme, amongst others.

7. Strider-Hiryu has become pretty popular due to his many appearances in Capcom’s crossover fighting games. Will some of the maneuvers he used in those fighting games transition over to this game?

Strider 2014

James Vance: Yes. Strider Hiryu’s visual as well as game mechanics are a melding of the simple and responsive Strider 1 & Strider 2 Hiryu, and the powerful and dynamic MvC Hiryu. Hiryu’s appearance is closest to that of Strider 1, but the silhouette and color scheme are taken from MvC, ensuring that he is instantly recognizable to old-school and new-school fans alike.

8. Will there be any available costume changes or extra characters included? Maybe Strider-Hien, perhaps?

Strider 2014

James Vance: Hiryu is not the first Strider to be sent on the mission to eliminate Grand Master Meio. Unfortunately, none of the previous Striders have ever returned, fallen at the hands of Meio’s evil empire, or swallowed up by the Kazakh megalopolis. If the player can find these Striders, or some sign of their vestiges, they can unlock playable outfits. Finding all of the fallen Striders will unlock full color customization, allowing players to create a truly unique Strider of their own.

9. Why do you think fans have become so enamored with Strider-Hiryu?

Strider 2014

James Vance: Strider Hiryu is the ultimate badass that everyone wants to be. He’s a rebel who pays no mind to anyone or anything. His only goal is to the get the mission done, and he’ll cut down anything that stands in his way. His speed, strength and super-human agility translate perfectly to the controller, allowing anyone to easily become the ultimate assassin. It’s a power-trip to be him, and who wouldn’t want to be?

10. When can gamers expect to get their hands on this brand new iteration of Strider?

Strider 2014

James Vance: Gamers in North America can get their hands on Strider on Feb. 18th for PS3 and PS4, and Feb. 19th for Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC Steam. Strider will be available in Europe on all platforms on Feb. 19th.

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