Top 10 Video Games for Couples to Play on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Video Games

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that’s usually reserved for activities that takes place outside of your humble home. But when you and your significant other come back home, are you gonna…well, you know? Or (for the gamers out there) will you and your lover cozy up to your favorite video game console and play a few rounds of your favorite game?

If you’re going with option B (which is surprising to us…), then make sure these 10 games are in your Valentine’s Day gaming rotation. These titles should offer hours of co-op/competitive fun for you and the one you cherish the most.

These are the 10 games that are perfect to play on Valentine’s Day!

10. The LEGO Movie Videogame – For The LEGO Lovers

Lego Movie Videogame

There’s tons of LEGO-themed video game currently available. The LEGO Movie’s a pretty hilarious thrill ride that must be seen, plus the accompanying game that released alongside it is pretty awesome. This is the perfect game for LEGO-heads and just plain fans of fun platforming/puzzle solving gameplay. Hand your boyfriend/girlfriend the controller and go out and save those LEGO worlds!

9. Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel – For The High Octane Lovers

Army of Two The Devil's Cartel

Is your significant other a verifiable badass who’s all action, all the time? Then this is the perfect co-op game to play after downing a bunch of beers and exchanging the keys to each other’s new motorcycles. This third-person, co-op shooter gives players the option to customize everything they see fit. Hey, go ahead and craft a “His & Her’s” AK-47/helmet/riot gear combo while you’re at it!

8. Just Dance 2014 – For The Lovers Who Just Wanna Boogie

Just Dance 2014

This one’s a pretty easy choice to make on Valentine’s Day gaming night. Everyone like to get their jig on every now and then, so why not invite your friends who are in a relationship and start up a good ol’ Just Dance 2014 party? It’s practically available on every gaming platform currently available, so plan out your evening with a nice helping of silly dancing and technicolor graphics.

7. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed – For The Sega Lovers

Sonic Racing Transformed

Kart racers are a safe bet if you want to get the object of your affection to play some games with you. Especially if that lover of your’s cracks a smile at the sight of SEGA mascots bumping each other all over the road. Hopping into some 3D vehicles and racing/flying/hopping in a boat against your boyfriend/girlfriend should keep the both of you satisfied. Whoever loses has to give the other a massage. Fair bet, right?

6. Catherine – For The Lovers Who Want to Test Their Relationship

Catherine Game

Catherine’s a strange choice for something to play on a day that’s set out for love and togetherness. This puzzler works around the themes of infidelity, lies and facing one’s own insecurities/fears. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dude or a chick. The trials and tribulations your character will face in this game will reveal a lot about who you’re currently in love with. Watch how your partner plays this game. You’ll get all the info you need on what type of person you’re with if you watch them play this all the way through.

5. Kirby’s Return to Dreamland – For The Kirby Lovers

Kirby's Return to Dreamland

This Wii platformer is pretty hard to put down. Luckily, this Dreamland adventure is not too difficult to wrap your head around. You pick Kirby or his three friends, hop into a level and lay waste to enemies and do whatever else this Kirby game entails. Wanna go ahead and make it a double date? Invite two other passionate lovers who love to game and pop this disc in. Find all those alien space parts with another couple in tow!

4. LittleBigPlanet 2 – For The Creative Lovers

Littlebigplanet 2

LittleBigPlanet 2 is more for the creative types out there. This PS3-exclsuive allows gamers to produce their own stages, vehicles, items, game concepts etc. that anyone can download and enjoy. There’s so many different thing you can do with this game and its lovable mascot, Sackboy. Since you’re gonna wanna play this on V-Day, why not put together some holiday-themed levels? It should be fun hopping around some moving hearts with matching male and female Sackboy’s.

3. Mario Kart Wii – For The Kart Lovers

Mario Kart Wii

Those Mario Kart games are a pretty simple choice when it comes to picking up the right competitive racer. Mario and his crew of Mushroom Kingdom cohorts are instantly recognizable by men and women alike. If your girl gets a kick out of Princess Peach or even timid ol’ Luigi, then she’ll really have a great time racing all over those colorful levels with you. And for you fellas, you know how bad you wanna fling some red shells. Just don’t send a blue spiked shell at your lover. They may just leave you heartbroken…

2. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – For The Beat ‘Em Up Lovers

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Game

The story that back this comic-book adapted beat ’em up is perfect for a holiday that’s focused on love and affection. This downloadable game is not only perfect for old school gaming fans, but it’s a great gaming choice for couples that love to lay the smackdown…together. Scott fights for the woman he loves, which makes perfect sense for a co-op playthrough with an 8-Bit boyfriend/girlfriend duo.

1. Super Mario 3D World – For The Mushroom Kingdom Lovers

Super Mario 3D World

Now this Wii U release currently holds the top position as the most addictive co-op game you and your babe needs to play. The cat suits are adorable, the levels are bright and full of life and the hop ‘n bop gameplay is certainly fun. This one can either fall into a 2-player or 4-player affair that features Mario and his familiar buddies. You just might skip that special V-Day dinner/love making session since you’ll be glued to the TV screen with your partner. Collecting coins with cat suits on is more important than eating!

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