Xbox One: Titanfall Bundle Console Now Available for Pre-Order

Xbox One Titanfall Bundle

Microsoft has finally come out and announced an upcoming Xbox One bundle that several gamers were anticipating – a brand new Xbox One that’s packed in with a copy of Titanfall!

This upcoming Xbox One bundle will retail for $500 and launch on March 11, 2014 (US) and March 14, 2014 (UK). This exciting bit of news comes on the heels of the leaked report surrounding the UK price drop for the Xbox One (£399.99).

Titanfall is launching physically in stores and digitally through the Xbox One games store on those same dates, but it will also be available for future Xbox One purchasers with this exclusive bundle. However, this Xbox One won’t be the Titanfall-themed edition that features the slick look of the rumored console seen across gaming forums everywhere.


As expected, the demand for this new next-gen console bundle are high and supplies are expectedly limited. UK Marketing Director Harvey Eagle spoke with IGN and made sure to tell gamer’s to get their pre-order’s in ASAP:

I would encourage people who want to get their hands on this offer to pre-order fast. But what I will tell you is that it’s a significant promotion. If you think of it in order of magnitude as what we did on those Day One consoles with FIFA and Forza coming included. This is of similar longevity. There’s certainly been a lot of hype for Titanfall. That’s for sure. We’ve got a partnership with EA which we announced when we launched Xbox One. I think you saw from us what we called the Day One offer which included a copy of FIFA. And this is now the next phase, if you like, of that relationship that we have with EA. We’re delighted to be able to include Titanfall at no additional cost for Xbox One buyers.


The Titanfall Special Edition is another sweet bundle being offered to Xbox One owners.

Here’s the official bundle lineup straight from Amazon:

– the Xbox One Console
– the Xbox One Wireless Controller
– the Xbox One Kinect Sensor
– the Xbox One Headset
– a one month Xbox Live token card
– a Titanfall full game digital token code