Card Wars: Adventure Time: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

9. The Basics Behind Gems made sure to explain everything about the game’s gems system:

Even though you start with a small amount – you can always buy more – gems play a big part in Card Wars. You’ll use these to open chests to earn new cards, as well as expand how many cards you can have in a deck. The Algebraic Chest is your best bet, though dabbling in the Cool Chest is a good idea at times. You never know what great cards will come your way unless you try it out. You also have the option to use gems to refill your heart meter when it runs on empty. Don’t bother, though – it refills over time and you can get back into the game


Head to the next page to learn about this game’s crafting mechanics!


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If you guys are looking for cheats for Card Wars Adventure Time you can try visiting I’ve been using it since I started playing and it’s helped me a lot. Plus it’s not confusing. Hope you guys find it helpful too!

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