PS4: The Most Common Console Problems & How to Fix Them


So you have a brand spanking new PlayStation 4 in the crib with you now.

Your and your buddies marvel at the sweet visuals that games like Killzone: Second Son, Knack and inFamous Second Son showcase. We’re pretty sure that you’d like your PS4 to last several years beyond its launch date, which is why we’re going to make sure you know about the console’s most common hardware/software issues and what it takes to fix them.

Fixya, one of the leading product Q&A destinations for web and mobile, listed the most common problems they’re always getting troubleshooting requests for:

1. Console Turning Off —35%
2. No Audio/Video – 25%
3. Freezing – 20%
4. Disc Drive – 10%
5. Other – 10%

Fixya also noticed one major trend that PS4 users are experiencing as the most common tech issue users run into:

Among audio and visual problems, PlayStation 4 owners are having “blue light of death” issues where the normally white and solid console light blinks red or blue – a signal that your console will soon be shutting down unprovoked.

It’s time to make sure you’re aware of the PS4’s biggest tech issues and what it takes to get them fixed.

Console Turning Off


Fixya users have reported issues with their PlayStation 4 turning off unexpectedly during the course of game play and in other situations, like not turning on at all when prompted. This issue can be caused by a wide variety of symptoms associated with the end result, but by and large can be summarized with two main indicators—the PlayStation 4 will either display a blinking blue light or a blinking red light in the center of the console (where functioning devices will display a white indicator light). Whether you have a blue or red light that is blinking, the console is unable to be used and may require being sent into Sony for repairs or replacement in order to get it working properly again.

However, there are some steps users can take before reaching out to Sony. For issues with a console turning off suddenly, here are the options:

– Examine your HDMI cable and/or the HDMI ports on your television for any issues, as sometimes the PlayStation 4 will show an error result despite the issue not being a result of the console malfunctioning.
– Reset your PlayStation 4 by turning it off for two minutes, unplugging all of the cords associated with the device, and then plugging it back in. Before plugging it back in, users can also carefully open the hard drive to see if there is any issues with the disc drive that are causing the problem.
– Put the system in a more open area with proper ventilation. Place a fan next to the system in order to reduce heat. Ensure that the internal fan is running properly – you should hear it while the console is running.
– Contact Sony customer service and discuss the issues with them.

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