Star Wars: Force Collection: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

10. The Best Methods Towards Tackling Boss Battles

Star Wars Force Collection Tips also listed a bunch of tips regarding the right approach when it comes to tackling those boss fights:

When you battle, you will be able to call up to two allies’ leader cards at a time. It’s better for their cards to die in battle than for your cards to die in battle, so use theirs first, and only use your leader card if the other two get killed.

When you launch an attack against a boss character, the damage bar will bounce back and forth five times. You have to stop the bar as close to the right side as possible to do the most possible damage, as the left side represents the weakest attack and the right side represents the strongest attack.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Star Wars: Force Collection players, throw them in the comments section!


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I just started playing and can anyone tell me how and what should I do to awaken a card…

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