Star Wars: Force Collection: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

7. The Best Ways to Earn More Credits

Star Wars Force Collection Tips

Credits come in handy when you’re looking to upgrade any of the cards that are in your position. Here are some of the methods you’ll need to employ in order to nab as many credits as possible:

– Complete tons of missions in as little time as possible. The faster you get through missions and the more mission you complete, the more credits and bonus credits you’ll obtain
– Take on those daily challenges. Play and complete as many daily challenges as possible and you’ll obtain a good helping of credits
– Sell off the some of the more weaker cards in your deck. As you complete missions during your questing ways, you’ll be given one-star cards and such. Put cards like those up for sale and get a few extra credits for your troubles

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I just started playing and can anyone tell me how and what should I do to awaken a card…

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