The Best New Xbox One Games of 2014

April 2014

1. LEGO The Hobbit

LEGO The Hobbit

Love LEGO games? Can’t get enough Lord of the Rings action? Chances are you’ve probably played this LEGO/The Hobbit combination already and you know just how awesome it is. For everyone else out there who haven’t given this game a run yet, shame on you! LEGO The Hobbit is a great LEGO romp through several distinct locations from The Hobbit’s two introductory tales of adventure. Building objects and smashing them with Bilbo Baggins and his crew of travelers is always a good time.

May 2014

1. Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs was actually worth the wait! As an open-world action/adventure game, Ubisoft’s new IP gave gamers a solid journey that was strengthened by its focus on taking over technology. Aiden Pearce is a mysterious individual with a dark past and even darker future. Heading into such a interconnected world with so much power makes this game a fresh and fun experience to behold.

June 2014

1. EA Sports UFC


We miss THQ and their collection of UFC Undisputed games. They may be gone from the gaming world, but EA has made sure to keep the UFC’s video game legacy alive and well. The graphics just look amazing as you and a fellow MMA fan punch, kick and slam each other down in the Octagon. Hopping online and dominating the competition with your favorite UFC star is quite the experience, plus taking your custom made fighter into the life of an MMA fighter kicks all types of ass.