Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z

Fans of the incredibly tough Ninja Gaiden series know all too well how much of a master ninja Ryu Hayabusa is. A new game in the series has arrived but this time, he’s the guy you’re meant to take down. Players will take on the role of a new mechanized/human hybrid assassin named Yaiba.

March is packed with a huge number of awesome games, but we want to make sure you don’t forget about one of the quieter releases of the month.

Here’s everything you need to know about Tecmo Koei’s Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z!

1. The Main Character Has A Beef with Ryu Hayabusa

Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z

The main plot of Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z revolves around a ninja named Yaiba Kamikaze. Yaiba once made his claim as the strongest member of a ninja clan. Other members of that clan tested themselves by pitting themselves against a highly-skilled ninja within their clan, who just happened to Yaiba. Yaiba eventually gets tired of all the weak ninja apprentices that come across his path, so he decides to kill off his entire clan. The remaining survivors of his clan are left to die.

Yaiba encounters the main protagonist of Ninja Gaiden (Ryu Hayabusa) and challenges him to a battle to the death. Yaiba loses the battle and leaves with his life intact, but his left arm and left eye are sacrificed during the skirmish. Years later, a secret organization restores Yaiba’s lost body parts and gifts him with mechanized duplicates. Miss Monday becomes Yaiba’s aid during his newfound life as a revived ninja.

Yaiba comes to find out he’s woken up in a world that’s been hit with a zombie outbreak. He also discovers that his former rival Ryu Hayabusa is in town as he’s searching for the source of this infection. Yaiba decides to work alongside the mystery organization. His mission – stop the spread of the zombie infection. Hie personal mission – kill Ryu Hayabusa.

2. A New Technique Called Bloodlust is Being Added to Yaiba’s Repertoire

Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z

Ninja Gaiden fans are quite familiar with a technique known as the “Ultimate Technique,” a stylish and exciting finishing maneuver that Ryu Hayabusa was capable of pulling off. This spin-off game in the series won’t include this series mechanic, but a new one will be taking it’s place – the “Bloodlust” technique. Once Yaiba activated this mode, his moves become more powerful and his speed gets turned up to extreme levels. He’ll be able to tear into other enemies in a much quicker succession.

3. A Retro-Styled Arcade Mode Will Be Available

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z – Arcade Mode TrailerAlso known as NGZ Mode.2013-12-12T19:31:23.000Z

A retro-esque Arcade Mode will be available for players of the game who like the traditional side-scrolling gameplay of old school beat ’em up’s. The video trailer above will give you a preview of all the cool gameplay you can look forward to experiencing in this mode.

4. Ninpo Magic Won’t Be Making a Return

Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z

The Ninpo ninja magic spells are also an element from the series that won’t pop up in this game. Yaiba even gives his reason for why he won’t be using this magical attacks – “When you’re as good as me, you don’t even need to use Ninpo.”

5. Three Separate Development Teams are Working on the Game

Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z is a joint project that’s getting developed by three separate video game development teams – Team Ninja, Spark Unlimited and Comcept. All of these video game development companies have worked on these Japanese video game franchise respectably – Dead or Alive, Lost Planet and Soul Sacrifice.

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