Boom Beach: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know


Boom Beach Tips

• When you get attacked, it pays to know which buildings and weapons you’ll need to employ in order to keep your base alive.

• Boom cannons do a ton of damage, but their recovery/reload times are painfully long. Keep one or two of these on the battlefield, but place a few boom mines and normal mines in proximity to them in order to protect them from advancing troops.

• Cannons do great damage to a single target, so it pays off greatly when you put them in the direction of advancing Heavies and armored enemies.

• Flamethrowers are great close range weapons that are good for wiping out large groups of advancing infantry. Machine Gun’s also perform the same tasks as Flamethrowers while also dealing great medium range damage.

• Mortars and Rocket Launchers do a great amount of damage to long range threats. They may take forever to reload, but they come in handy when it comes to wiping out incoming tanks, Heavies and armored enemies.

• You should always have a few Sniper Towers lined up with the rest of your defenses. The riflemen within these towers provide some great cover fire if you place them within the same area that your main base inhabits.

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