WATCH: Batman: Arkham Origins Prequel Fan Film Features Deathstroke and Black Mask

For anyone who’s played Batman: Arkham Origins, a ton of cool story threads came together and involved several characters from The Dark Knight’s universe. For instance, Batman’s nemesis Black Mask hired the ruthless mercenary known as Deathstroke in his crusade to kill off Gotham City’s famed protector.

This “origins behind the origins” fan film gives us comic book heads and gamers a look inside the deal that led to Black Mask and Deathstroke’s union. This awesome, action-packed feature is a great watch that shows the great creativity of directors Chris White and Larry White (the music credits go to Maria Rubelm by the way).

Take a gander at the video seen above and be amazed at the violent imagery and great fight scenes on display in Batman: Arkham Origins. Head on over to the “GoingNowhereShow” YouTube channel for even more great gaming videos.