Evolution: Battle for Utopia: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Evolution Battle for Utopia

With games like Evolution: Battle for Utopia available on iOS devices, mobile gamers are now getting the type of grand experiences usually reserved for console/PC gamers. Planet Utopia is the main location that houses a massive RPG/strategy release with elements of party building, exploration and base building.

There’s a ton of different mechanics that make up the bulk of this evolutionary (pun intended, of course) iOS game. Our guide will save you the trouble of hitting a roadblock during battles, puzzles and so much more.

With these top 10 tips/tricks/cheats guide, you’ll make your presence felt in the wide, expansive world of Evolution: Battle for Utopia! Some of these tips come courtesy of the devs behind the game.

1. Choose Your Weapons Wisely

Evolution Battle for Utopia Tips

• It’s best to build a strong party of teammates and upgrade all of the weaponry you add to your arsenal.

• When it comes to equipping and upgrading the right weapons, make sure you keep this in mind: the effectiveness of your weapons depends on range: the closer the enemy, the greater the damage.

Head to the next page to get some battle tips on handling shielded enemies!

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Here´s another GREAT Tip that would fit this meaningless list: Don´t die!


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