Star Wars: Assault Team: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. The Basics of Promoting Your Team Members

Star Wars Assault Team Cheats

• Once any of your team members reaches level 10, he/she will then head into the territory of getting a promotion. You’ll notice right away when this option become available to you once the “Train” button changes into the “Promote” button.

• The promotion process will involve you using promotion items/cards to push your heroes to different and stronger tiers. The “Promote” button will list all the required card goals needed for you to fulfill in order to properly promote a character.

• There’s a limit to how much you can promote a given character, so keep that in mind once you push a certain party member toward Tier 4 or Tier 5.

• Make sure you play promotion missions in order to strengthen a particular member of your team. Star Wars fans will notice the correlation between the missions on hand and the characters that fit the description of such missions.

• You can use any of your acquired Corusca Gems to speed up the character promotion process, as well.

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1 Comment


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