The Elder Scrolls Online: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know (Interview with Game Director Matt Firor)

6. How does the skill system in TESO differentiate itself from other MMO skill systems?

The Elder Scrolls Online

MF: The skill system in ESO is very different from those found in most MMOs. It allows every player to choose what weapons and armor they want to wear, and allow them to freely switch to another at any time. Players gain experience with weapons, armor, and skills that they use, which then unlocks new abilities and skills in those items. It’s a very deep system that lets the player essentially customize the character build that they want.

7. Are there any plans to include downloadable content in the future? If so, will the DLC content hearken back to familiar characters and events from past Elder Scrolls games?

The Elder Scrolls Online

MF: We have plans to release updates and new content on a regular basis, but we’re not quite ready to give away any spoilers away at this point. The first of these updates is Craglorn, our first Adventure Zone.

8. Are there any elements of the game that got scrapped from the final product?

The Elder Scrolls Online

MF: In any game as large and complex as ESO there are systems that were tried, assessed, and eventually considered not a good fit for the game. We focused on the game systems and elements that best fit an online Elder Scrolls game.

9. What ultimately led to the decision that TESO would run on a subscription-based model?

The Elder Scrolls Online

MF: Having the freedom to travel around the world without pay gates is part of the overall Elder Scrolls experience. With the subscription model, you just pay once per month and then you don’t have to worry about how you are being monetized as you play the game.

10. Will the PS4 and Xbox One versions feature any substantial graphical upgrades and extra content over it’s PC brethren?

The Elder Scrolls Online

MF: Graphics on the next-gen consoles are essentially the same as a gaming-spec PC, so don’t expect it to look much different than ESO running on a recommended-spec PC or Mac.

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