Top 10 Games That Are Like Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier

It seems like mobile gamers are highly addicted to the Wide, expansive and always growing field of RPG titles. Among them is one of the biggest Japanese to American mobile device releases called Brave Frontier, a super addictive mobile game that adopts the aspects of old school RPG’s.

If you’re looking to replicate the experience that Brave Frontier gives you, then it might be time for you to fill your iOS/Android powered device with 10 games that are just like Brave Frontier. These RPG’s cover the gamut from dark swords and sorcery titles to modern day guns and grenades games that you’ll definitely enjoy.

10. Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers RPG

Mobage’s pretty well-versed in RPG’s, so this entry on the list should come as no surprise. Blood Brothers contains a whole slew of mobile RPG characteristics that are instantly familiar to gamers far and wide. Of course there’s dungeons, party building, villages and thrilling combat to experience. The dark fantasy elements that are visible through the art itself should attract fans of the rugged visual sheen.

9. Kingdom Age

Kingdom Age

Kingdom Age takes players into the medieval ages of Europe, where massive dragons and heavily armor clad warriors/knights that fought alongside mages and rouges. Not only are there tons of major battles to participate in, there’s elements of strategy present. Go ahead and construct your own villages and turn them into legit kingdoms while you still head into battle with a well-trained fantastical squad.

8. Dragon Eternity Online HD

Dragon Eternity Online HD

There’s so much to do, see, build and kill in Dragon Eternity Online HD. Mobile and PC gamers can engage in their conquests together as they seek to defend the Tart Continent. What makes this RPG such a joy is the dragons you get the chance to command and the many offerings of armor set up’s your warriors can be set up with. With over 1500 missions for you to complete, you won’t be finished with this game anytime soon.

7. Lord of the Dragons

Lord of the Dragons

Just look at the beautiful artwork on this fantastical mobile RPG. That should immediately grab you and convince you to give this title a chance. Once you hop into Lord of the Dragons, you’ll come to love all of these activities – slaying dragons, battling your rivals and claiming their valuables, joining up with guilds etc. The weekly Eternal Dungeons are one of the many challenges that will

6. Galactic Phantasy Prelude

Galactic Phantasy Prelude

If you’re looking to leave Earth and journey into the stars, then it might be time for you to traverse into the interplanetary travels on display in Galactic Phantasy Prelude. Instead of offering players human avatars to represent their actions and exploits in battle, Galactic Phantasy Prelude lets you command all different types of spaceships ready for planetary exploration. There’s some RPG elements present here, which makes this mobile game one of the more modern experiences on this list.

5. Spectral Souls

Spectral Souls

Spectral Souls upholds the strong legacy of past Japanese-themed strategy RPG’s on mobile devices. The soundtrack here is grand in nature and sound, each character is drawn close to perfection and the tactical battles will certainly be welcome to fans of Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea. This is a pretty massive RPG that offers hours upon hours of amazing RPG gameplay.

4. Tower of Fortune 2

Tower of Fortune 2

The 1st Tower of Fortune offered mobile gamers a simple yet highly rewarding RPG that featured simplistic visuals and an approachable gameplay system. The sequel improves things substantially wit even more equipment options, skills and plenty of fresh battle/adventure scenarios. The slot machine gameplay gives players plenty of chances to determine the fate of your warrior and his experience grinding ways.

3. Chaos Rings 2

Chaos Rings 2

When it comes to the developers at Square Enix, they’re pretty much experts in their field of console-based and handheld-based RPG’s. Square Enix hopped into the mobile games market with so many releases over the past couple of years and one of their original IP’s came in teh form of Chaos Rings. Chaos Rings 2 improves things by adding new hidden bosses, multiple endings, a new battle system and more features that RPG fans will adore.

2. D.O.T. Defenders of Texel

Defenders of Texel

D.O.T. Defenders of Texel should be quite approachable for fans of the PS3 hidden gem, 3D Dot Game Heroes. The 8-bit visuals offer a sweet combination of 2D pixels and 3D block art, plus there’s elements of collecting several warriors for your conflicts amongst the tribes of Texel. Retro video game fans will find themselves enthralled with an RPG of this nature.

1. Puzzles and Dragons

Puzzles and Dragons

If you’re looking to get hooked by an RPG and a Three-Match puzzle game all at the same damn time (shout out to Future), then Puzzles and Dragons will pull you and never let go. You’ll traverse dungeons, solve Match Three puzzles, raise monsters and battle plenty of well animated 2D foes. If you love the animation seen in Brave Frontier, then you’ll no doubt appreciate the anime seen in this dungeon crawler.

Honorable Mentions

Necronomicon Redux

Fabled Lands II HD Gold Edition

Order & Chaos Online

Kingdom Conquest II

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering