The Best New Xbox 360 Games of 2014

April 2014

1. LEGO The Hobbit

LEGO The Hobbit

It’s always a great time for the little tykes when they get the chance to play a more family friendly edition of their favorite characters in LEGO form. The Hobbit has made its welcome transition to the world of LEGO blocks and video games, which means you finally have a new game to play when your little cousins come to town. There’s hilarity, block busting and Bilbo Baggins action for everyone to experience in this release.

2. Titanfall


Microsoft made sure to show some Titanfall love to all the Xbox 360 owners out there who didn’t make the next-gen leap to the Xbox One just yet. Thankfully, this port of the fast-paced, robotic Titan filled FPS performs admirably on past-gen hardware. The game maintains it’s amazing visuals and the online component holds up just as well as the Xbox One’s connectivity aspects. Titanfall on 360 works and plays just well.

3. Child of Light

Child of Light

Child of Light not only looks wonderful, but it plays wonderfully as well. As you take control of Aurora and venture around the mystical realm of Lemuria, you’ll come to love the dazzling visuals, fun platforming segments and easily understandable RPG mechanics. This downloadable Ubisoft release is worth a look for fans of platforming games and RPG fanatics alike.

4. Dustforce


Dustforce is a strange beast. You’ll take control of a sole janitor who moves swiftly through dust covered levels that are varied and wide. Just imagine Strider if he worked as a professional cleaning mechanic. Each level provides just the right amount of challenge for gamers who love to pull off speed run’s or just have fun.

May 2014

1. Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs finally arrived and it seems like it was worth the wait. Gamers took control of Aiden Pearce and ruled over Chicago with an iron first…an iron fist that just happened to hold the most powerful smartphone. Bringing up street road blocks to stop the cops, hacking into cameras and stealing info from other players’ worlds is just the tip of what make this game great.

June 2014

1. GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport

There’s Forza Motorsport. There’s Gran Turismo. There’s Need for Speed. And then there’s GRID. The latest version of this racer comes equipped with five different classes of vehicles (touring, endurance, open wheel, tuner and street). These automobile classes conjure up a nice variety of different race types and fun activities that never get old. GRID Autosport looks amazing and plays just as good as it looks.

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