Trials Frontier: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

9. Use the Mobile Device/Tablet Trick to Recover Your Fuel

• One of the most important aspects of this game is going to be your overall fuel meter. The fuel meter is pretty much like any other energy meter that’s present in several other free-to-play video games.

• If you run out of fuel and you’re in a hurry to refill it to get back on those tracks, you can do it the fair way by upgrading your fuel tank or using real cash to fill your fuel meter up to it’s full capacity again.

• Or you can cheat like us and utilize the trust and traditional time change trick that all mobile gamers know and love. Simply change the time on your device by pushing it ahead one hour and your fuel meter will go back to normal. Easy, right? Plus when you change your time back to normal, your filled fuel meter will stay intact.

• Note that this time trick won’t speed up the bike upgrading process.

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Hey guys! I’ve just started playing Trials Frontier and have been struggling so I sometimes use cheats and hacks just to get through it faster and level up. In case you guys are interested in getting your hands on some cheats, I personally use right now and would totally recommend checking it out. Don’t be put off by the short survey, the cheats are given after you complete it. Enjoy! :)

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